I almost choked on my Chocolate Milk

When I read this article:
BYU football: In defense of Ilaisa Tuiaki’s defense | Opinion - Deseret News

First, I love the homer type writing of McCann… I personally wish the sports and other media would just publish the facts without inserting their biases.

Second, I have to disagree with McCain that the defense has helped BYU to a 21-4 record. I think the offense had to over perform to overcome Tuiaki inability to have a legit defensive scheme.

So, Jim Hawks, Fish and others what say you?

I saw that heading about this article and I did not read it yet. Since you read it and I think I won’t read it because from your input. I agree that our offence have to put a lot of points on the bored. For the last two years very little sacks and QB hurry on Defence side.

Well, it’s like how Biden says he’s the greatest President ever and the economy and country has never been in a greater and stronger position. How’s that analogy Floyd!

Better than Obama? I almost got choked while eating peanuts.

Biden was saying over the past couple of days how great he is and how wonderful the country is. Obama was bad as well and why Trump won.

It has been awhile since I checked in here. I don’t know if I want to read that article. Is it worth my time? I feel like BYU’s sports programs are a lot like many others… the changes in focus and priorities have caused a lot of turmoil and chaos in college sports. The money involved isn’t helping the situation either.

I just thought of you when they said “the defense helped BYU”.

I had to laugh.