I cannot lie. BYU sucks at defense

So…this is what I wrote 3 days before the game:

SMC 78-72 BYU…".gees, I hope I am wrong, I hope Rose gives them a steady diet of Davis and Aytes and gets them all in foul trouble but of course, KC and Fischer are the go to guys, so there you have it."

KC and Fischer are the go to guys…they set the tone of the team and that tone is, We don’t play defense and we don’t include the team in our play. Look…Chatman and Seljaas score 8 and 3 on the scraps they get. Aytes goes 1/1 on his scraps.

So the recipe for beating BYU is…Go inside and get Davis on foul trouble, stop any inside play and watch BYU shoot themselves out of any hope to win.
Their point guard (if that is what you want to call him) will make crappy passes or try to take the game on his shoulders and shoot poor shots. Emery, thier other point, is young and dumb. Easy win.

But, boy is it great to see KC get those gaudy stats.

When he gets those stats we usually win. He didn’t get them last night and we lost. I think that’s a weak point.

Missing layups and free throws still happens too often. Davis wasn’t ready to play last night missing his short flip in shots. Why didn’t Aytes get in the game sooner for him? He was playing big minutes the past couple of games, for what? Not to play the first league game? Strange. And the same with Kaufusi. If you are going to start the guy for league why bench him for two games?

Why have we not learned how to get open for the mid range shot Haws took last year at the elbow? Instead, it’s a running floater and we miss those. Or Fischer pushing off to get a shot off in the lane. The reason is that weave offense makes no sense to this bunch of kids. Play SM offense and we would outscore teams the rest of the way.

There are a lot of “flaws” with your post. I agree with Chris and the things I have been saying about selfish play, etc. are still true. KC playing the point is a joke. The reliance on forced 3 pointers is a joke. The defense is a joke. This team is not realizing anywhere close to its’ potential and it will continue this way for the rest of the season. They will be up and down… looking really good some games and really bad others.

Davis shot a better % than the big three bombers (CF, NE and KC) but it is strange that Aytes didn’t get more minutes. Kaufusi continues to regress… and that is really sad. I agree with the weave offense comment but to say that if we played the SM offense, we could outscore teams the rest of the way is nonsense. We would have to play the SM defense as well.

One of the biggest problems for BYU is KC and CF going after “records”… because they think they are better than they really are. Watching KC try to run the offense and drive to the middle over and over with marginal success is ridiculous and watching CF try to carry the team with his 3 point shooting going for 40 every game is even more ridiculous. Most of all it is on the coach… he has sown this plant and now he must deal with the results of that.

We switch the offense and players score more. We play the same defense and teams score the same against us. Simple addition of points say we win more games. We get more points because we get better shots.

I’m not going to be able to convince you that KC and CF aren’t playing the way they do because they are selfish players. They are trying to win. Rose has established clearly what he wants from KC and CF and they are following Rose, not you or other fans with silly notions. The offense creates situations of panic to score and thus players try to get into the lane and score. Get rid of the weave and you get rid of that. Other than that stop missing layups and short shots.

Your post is a masterpiece in the art of contradiction…

You can call it whatever you want to and blame it on Rose or KC and CF… but it is selfishness nonetheless. We see it with our eyes and we see it in the stats and box scores. There is no denying it. Sometimes it works and they win games but sometimes it doesn’t and they lose games. Those are the times I am concerned about… when a little team play might just win a game, when some minutes from some of the other guys, who have shown they can contribute, might help win games.

You say the offense creates situations of panic yet you also say they missed so many easy layups and short shots. Those two things kind of contradict one another.

Other than that, your post was right on the money. :sunglasses:

Only contradiction in your mind. Funny, you say stats aren’t facts and you have to look at the big picture. But you are looking at the little picture trying to defend with stats.
You say it’s okay when we win that they shoot and score a lot. But if we lose their attempts are selfish. They can’t win with fans like you. Why do players not want to play for BYU? They grow up listening to negative fans that tell them if they score 40 points or get triple doubles they are selfish players. All the points they score in high school are because they are selfish. Sad :sunglasses:

Just when I think you have made the most moronic post ever, you come up with one more that tops the last one… :smirk:

Honestly, I wish they would read these posts. They might recognize that all those records are nice… if the team is winning games they should win. What is the most important thing? It is winning games as a team, not setting the record for triple doubles or scoring in a tournament. When those things become the focus, the team suffers and that is what we are seeing.

That’s right; Defense is a silly notion at BYU.

I will say that Defense has risen from #320 to #214 this year so we are moving in the right direction.