I could not sleep one night

I was not able to sleep last night because of some family health issues. So I was up and this show appeared on TV (Sinclair TV Network). It was called “Full Messure” with Sharyl Attkisson.

It was how big tech companies like Google, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, manipulated their platform against Trump.

I usually do not buy into what either the far left or right is selling. I think that people in this groups are trying to polarize the country to obtain their goals.

So I did some research on Sharyl Attkisson, she worked for CNN/CBS as an investigative reporter for over 21 yrs. Won several awards for her journalism and articles. I will say that the research says she is a conservative investigative reporter, but I have to wonder because she worked for CBS for two decades. What made her resign is when CBS would not investigate the Benghazi attack.

I watched the show with a somewhat closed mind, because I distrust Journalist so much. But the way she laid it out, it was like here is what we found, you decide…

Sinclair Media is also not really known for be unbiased. In the past they have attack several conservative groups (don’t know about Liberal groups, since I do not watch or care about them).

Just thought I would share the first part of the show, and let you guys decide what is “truth”.

Big Tech Censorship: Part 1 | Full Measure

Well, just look what is happening with Twitter, Facebook and Google. They are teaming up against Trump and conservative outlets. They have banned Trump from using Twitter and Facebook.
Now, the three giants are banning conservative platforms like Parler. More on the way. We are observing the rise of Communism in America. The thing is these media outlets including CNN and the rest aren’t looking at history. They too will be silenced. Only one outlet will survive run by the Government. The others can’t survive because Capitol rejected under Communist tyranny.

Is part of the system but I have found her to be a middlest when she reports and to at least try to see both sides of the coin. The way FB and the evil Pelosi bunch run things, we are headed for a civil war.

I fear that this time civil war will be violent. The right will not back down as they have in the past. The thing is, this is what the Left wants. It’s out of the training manual of Aulinsky, “Rules for Radicals” to break down society destroying the Constitution so the Communists can build up a new government of Communism. They want the right conservatives to fight.

That is why I liked the report she did… middle of the road, let the viewer determine the truth.

I personally think the Parler thing will end up in SCOTUS. While businesses do have a right to determine what is put on their platforms (sorry folks, no loss of Freedom of Speech Rights here), I think the High Court will need to decide how much rights do corporation have in limiting people right to post things, when they obviously allow other people to do so (think Pence death threats here that is still trending).

These tech giants are trying to position themselves to be on the good side of these communists by silencing conservative speech. What they don’t know is they will eventually be attacked for other reasons called capitalism. Pocohauntis Senator wants to break them up for just that.