I guess nobody saw the game

because there isn’t a single comment on the board.

I was at stake conference sat. session and missed the whole thing. I checked the box and didn’t see a single basket from a big, unless you count Sharp’s bucket. In fact, only 4 players had more than one basket and only six had a made field goal. Anybody know what is up with KC? Is it his turn to go on the injury list?

BYU by 20, based on the box score, is a surprise.

Bruised tail bone. Actually Andrus and Neison had 17 rebounds between them with Andrus getting 5 FT. Looks like he knows how to play his position-just lacking weight right now. Fischer played well- as well as Winder and Halford, Haws ok (5-13) bunch of fts. Everyone played except Kyle. Bartley played significant minutes and played good Defense. Overall defense was good at times. Nixon started in place of Fischer (didn’t do much as far as I good tell) Halford in place of KC. Better than Thursday, but will have to improve imo to beat Pepperdine, as they beat SM on the road.

About the game. Bartley got 17 minutes and played well…what you don’t see in the stats is that the guys Barley guards don’t score much. In my opinion, Bartley and Neilson have to be on the floor much more.

Halford got the start and played his best game of the year with 7 assists to go with 13 points. Fischer hit plenty of bug shots off the bench but the story was the great play of Nielson, Andrus and Kaufusi…They made SC as one dimentional team.

Interesting-we should do a starting line-up with their back-ups-see where that takes us. IMO BYU gets better defensively by 20% with Winder and Bartley on the floor at the same time. I am sure they would take a hit offensively, but if the trade-off defense for offense is worth it-go for it. So starting you have Haws, KC, Winder, Bartley, Kaufusi-subbing- Andrus, Halford, Fischer, Neilson, Nixon-(one note-Ellis is pretty decent ball-handler) and Toolson will be good in the future) Mix and match but these ten should be getting maxium minutes