I have a week 3 prediction now for our final outcome. What's yours

WEEK 3 predictions by Ronald Uharriet

BYU will have a (not worse )season than
7-5 regular Season or 7-6 counting the bowl game
in Hawaii vs Hawaii.

We lost every Hawaii game in Hawaii that I attended including the 12-1 season at Hawaii.
I will be at this Hawaii game also, which is bad luck for our Cougars.

BYU will have a (not better season), than 8-4 for the regular season or not better than 8-5 with the bowl.

but each of these, (either Way) teams are favored to beat us by 5- 7 points

Win--------------- Lose -------------------Either way???

Tenn.------------ #11 Utah -------------- Utah St.
Toledo --------- #24 USC -------------Hawaii—(Beat Oregon St.)
USF------------- #21 Washington ----—————
Idaho St.------- #22 Boise St.--------—————
UMASS ---------——————--------—————
SDS (Beat UCLA) —————---------—————

7 Wins---------- 4 Loss----------------- 2 Unknown

4 ranked teams
4 P5 teams
4 Give me games

I’m going with 9-3 for season. Have to wait to see about a bowl and who we play.

If we have six wins or better, we play at the Honolulu bowl vs Hawaii December 24, 2019 at 3:00 on the afternoon, Hawaii time.

Uncles of course we win USC and Washington and Boise STate and Utah State and all the others with only one loss, and than we might get a better bowl game with a team like Utah Utes if they don’t win the Pac 12 South or the Pac 12 Title.

We win all those games we may just be in the final four :slight_smile:
I predict a win against USC.