I have been noticing lately

that there is very little information on Fall camp news for BYU in the local media (Dnews, Daily Herald).

Question: Is that because:
A- BYU closed practices?
B- BYU not being considered “legitimate” team?

There are so many articles in Deseret News about Utah’s fall camp, but very little about BYU…

Kind of frustrating, cause I want to know how the different groups are doing.

One bit of news: It appears that Gunner Romney has suffered pulled hamstring since coming to BYU.
His solution to fix the issue? Marry a certified Yoga instructor! :open_mouth:

Apparently in the off season, Gunner wife has helped him improve the flexibility of his Hamstring. According to him, his hamstring is the best it been there since coming to BYU.

Way to go Gunner!

Watch BYU Sports Nation on BYU TV. Lots of information…

Both Utah and BYU have kept practices private. all attention is on Utah and the QB race…I say the Baylor kid starts

BYU has made it so far with 0 major injuries. Everyone knows that Hall will be the starter. We are gonna be good on offense. It is all about the Lines for me. We will see.

I trust you have not out fishing today? :open_mouth:
Might need a boat to get to my mailbox. IF guesstimation is right, looks like about 1" has fallen just since just this morning.

BYU Sports Nation on the BYU channel has information every day

Are you talking about rain here? I’ve never seen so much rain in many many years in some areas we got 3 inches other places got 4 inches in less 12 hours. And sadly we still got smoke coming from California

Yes, We saw a 24 hour deluge, some houses in the area are flooded.

Fishing today

Which street are you fishing at? :slight_smile:

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Everything is blown out…headed to the high country…above 10K

BYU football 2021 schedule: Ranking the Cougars’ opponents game by game - Deseret News

I have a different take…Who do we play on the road