I have no words

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- :scream:

What??? You! You have no words? Impossible!!!
Hey, we somehow make teams shoot out of their minds against us. I’m just tired of all the fumbling of the ball. It’s round.
As far as hero ball, I didn’t see it tonight except Bryant. He does some really good things but presses too much. And Childs has gone downwards lately.

Then you weren’t watching very closely.

Think of the definition of hero ball as being every starting player plus Bryant saying to themselves "I’ve got to get mine and help this team win and the only way I’m going to do that is to try some one on one stuff or start chucking up shots when I think I’m hot or force a shot when I think it has been too long since I last shot, etc.

That is the mindset of the players on this team right now and it leads to horrible chemistry. These guys were great in high school and they play like they think they are still there. It is REALLY frustrating to watch.

See… now the words are coming to me. :smile:

Apparently this loss isn’t bothering anyone else enough that they are able to come in here and blow off some steam. This is therapy for me. I can’t express how frustrating and upsetting this is… it started with “I have no words” and I don’t know where it will end.

Can’t fault Haws. When you are hot you shoot when open. Emery had one chuck. That’s not hero ball. Mika was passing the ball but he also was stopped with the double team. We should have been able to move the ball quickly and get open shots.
But really, SD shot really well and made more than they thought they would. 55% from 3’s.
Again, what bothers me the most is all the fumbling with the ball.

Seriously? That is what bothers you the most?

BYU just lost to one of the worst teams in the entire country, let alone the stupid wcc and “fumbling with the ball” is the thing that bothers you the most?

I wish it was that easy for me…

We lost by 13 but that was because of all the fouling at the end. This was a 4 - 6 point ballgame. Most of the bobbles with the ball turned into turnovers and scores. Catch the ball and even when the poor teams play and shoot above their abilities we can still win. Look how we started out. Bobbing the ball 3 times in which they scored 4 points. Then all the others. Yes, teams always play best against us. They want to beat the Mormons;-)