I heard something different

There were people that heard the student section chant ______ those Mormons. I heard them and I don’t think that is what they were chanting. I heard “let’s go Brandon.” Jk

Love it…way better then going to Wy and having beer or piss dumped on you. Fans will be fans

fish: “. . . having beer or piss dumped on you . . .”
Me: That is not fans, that is stone-cold aholes

Thats Wy in Nov…ever had beer dumped on you when it’s 0 outside? hahahaha sucks

I loved it with SDSU would show up in mish. white shirts, ties and name tags. USU’s insanely funny shirtless fat boys doing cute chants. And now we have “let’s go Brandon”. Love it., just say it with a smile

I was in the Marriott center when BYU hosted Wyo with Fennis Dembo and that group. It was a highly anticipated matchup between two NCAA tournament teams. Wyo fans filled the top section behind the basket. During the opening prayer the Wyo section started chanting “F— You, B-Y-U, F— you, B-Y-U,” loud enough for the entire arena to hear. When the prayer ended a bunch of them threw paper and balsa wood airplanes that had “F---- You BYU” painted or drawn on the bottom of the planes. The chants continued on and off during the game. None of us students thought anything of it because it was Wyo and it was what we expected.

One of my really good friends from high school was a starting WR for Wyo back then. It was fun to see him when they came to play in Provo. I told him it would be fun for me to come watch the football game in Laramie the next year, and he said “Yeah, fun if you like people cussing at you and throwing beer on you.” He was laughing but not really kidding…


Not much has changed since 1844 with people…

People are more brazen and willing to do whatever. Yes, there were some who have done the same in the past but the numbers have increased and it is more frequent.

This explains to all of us how Hopper has what seems to be centuries of knowledge …… at least he knows what the human race has been doing since 1844!

Something happened in 1844 that was significant and that is why he used that date. I don’t know what it was, maybe the beginning of marxism or something? I’m sure he will let us know.