I know someone mentioned this

but there is an article in the desnews that address what some poster said about bringing back Kolby Lee to sure up the inside.

BYU basketball: Where is Kolby Lee when needed? Oh, yeah, selling cars - Deseret News

Thought was interesting at least.

A lot of people think Harmon is a BYU homer, and he is, but I love his style.

Lee and Conner were good, just not good enough. Case in point…Harding transters to UVU (Coach Mad Don Madson too good to be there long) Harding is not a star at UVU, he is like the fourth best player there so it goes to show that as BYU basketball gets Big 12 ready, there will be casualties. Loved both players and was super happy Conner got his win over BYU as did Toolson did before he transferred back, after he got his feelings hurt and left, after he…oh well, never mind.

Lee better work out with the team and keep his options open, that would be my advice.

I have been a Lee complainer since the beginning. Honestly though, I wouldn’t complain if he were around right now to help the team. I do believe he had his role on the team and I think Pope was utilizing him to the extent he could. I wish Lee had accepted that role and stuck with it because there were some things he could do that would be helpful right now.

Am I forgiven now? :laughing:

Nope! It was the likes of you that chased him away. You’ll have to do better than that :nerd_face:

If only players could see into the future. Lee would have been happy because he would be getting substantial minutes, and really help his team. Based on his progress the last 2 years, he would have even been better this year. Instead he is selling cars, which isn’t a slam, just playing basketball at BYU one more year could have been a large feather in his memories. Good luck Lee, anyway. He grew up a stone’s throw away!

I knew you would come around…Before Lee, we had Worthington as the starter. Massive upgrade, I don’t think I said a single good thing about the center possession in 4 years.

All water down stream now. Fooooooos with just enough Atiki and Lohner to rest him should get us to the Dane but sadly, with Baxter out, my deep run dreams died with Baxter’s ACL.

You really know what to say at the right time. I have no argument though I am still surprised that Lee was given a scholarship to BYU. Why is he not playing at Dixie now?

Lee was not accepted into the master’s program at Dixie (It was some type of special master program).

So, since was not accepted, he could not play for Dixie (Utah Tech, or whatever the stupid name is now).

Awww…Here is a perfect example of someone with lesser skills and smarts to run the more complicated offenses and Defenses at BYU as a 1st stringer. When he comes into the game, the team shifted to a less complicated system. Thanks Floyd!