I may have been wrong about the Hill vs Mangum QB battle

In a world where everyone is looking out for #1, it is becoming more apparent, at least to me, that both Hill and Mangum are putting team first. What this means to me is that it may be that Hill (if he is able and 100%) will most likely be the starter and Mangum will play when needed.

I have nothing to back this up other than what I have gleaned from the news and a gut feeling.

Truly inspirational seeing how this coaching staff came together and how these two studs, Hill and Mangum, understand what is on the line this coming season.

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I totally agree with you. At other universities, where an athlete is only looking out for his own best interest, our two QB issue could be a real issue and perhaps, so much of an issue that the back up may transfer out. This even happened to us in the very recent past,

In our case, here and now, we have two return missionaries that are not selfish and that want more than anything else, to have their Church owned University step up to the next level. They, each of them, put their Church and their University first, What a winning opportunity we now have.

With two great quarter backs, one a little better in running with the ball and the other a little better at passing the ball, but both with the capability of making the big winning plays, we now have the best of all worlds.

Now wanting to sound to confident, but I find it difficult not to be extremely confident, I look at this new season of 2016, the toughest SOS season of all time, with great expectations. I have total confidence in our OC, a 14 year veteran in the NFL, a hall of fame QB, , a Heisman trophy winner, a great guy that has had experience is whole life having been born into a football family with dad as a great high School coach, brother as an NFL star, himself coaching while being in the NFL and now coaching at the place he earned his trophy. This OC is also the QB coach, If that is not enough to give a world of confidence, our Wide Receiver is also a 14 year veteran in the Professional Canadian League and he too is a hall of fame wide receiver and one of the best wide receivers to ever play at BYU. If that is not enough, we are bringing back the ole LaVel Edwards Wide Receiver package where the tight end will once again be a receiving threat that the defense will need to deal with.

Hey fish, I am soooooooo hyped that I could go on for pages about the improvements that I see from the old and gone HC to the new HC. I love the difference. I am happy with Lamb and his experience being the assistant HC and the soecial teams coach,

I am thrilled that our football talk is about the teaching and learning of he basics and fundamentals instead of the not so cute slogans and the lessons of how each coach through out the nation should act and coach using our own HC as the model to follow.----NOT !!! Fish, let the games begin.

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I think you are right about Hill. I can’t remember the source now but the report was that Taysom’s recovery is ahead of schedule and he is now participating in drop back passing drills and doing some practice with the offense. I hope he doesn’t push himself too hard too soon but if he is to the point where he can practice in limited contact situations, he will be able to work on chemistry with the receivers sooner rather than later. He could be ready come fall.

Ron and Glenn, great posts and like you, it is hard to wait and see what we are getting here but what I can say:

They got the right HC and DC. these guys have the pedigree. We will be solid at defense and I have to laugh (with excitement) when everyone points out that our real weakness is the offense and how will Detmer perform? I would have concern if we did not have a guy by the name of Lamb there…A guy that has been a pretty darn good SUU coach.

Lastly I would add that we should be thanking Bronco for leaving BYU football in healthy shape. We are solid at QB, RB and almost all the key areas of the game…and he took Anae too. I think I will bump up our Ws just on that thought alone.

indeed I am grateful to BM for leaving. I am grateful to Virginia for giving us new hope in our future.

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Hey Ron your new thread "So how is Bronco doing at Virginia? " it got locked out for whatever reason which I know this cougar board sucks than the old system we had before.

Scary what those UVA Fans thinking. “What, Bronco doesn’t like big stars players?” He only average 3 stars on this year recuiting.
Yup, I see the patter over there. Have fun UVA Fans. I’ll be surprised if bronco get the Cavs in the bowl game this year. And how many “walk ons” did BM get this time?

I am with you on every point. I didn’t have much of an inkling about Lamb, or Tuiaki when they came on board. I knew Sitake had a reputation as an outstanding recruiter. When you consider that recruiting is 70%+ in having a successful program, you have to love what Sitake brings. Since his arrival, I have liked every move he has made to bring back BYU tradition and that family atmosphere that had been missing since Lavell left. Now that I have gotten to know Sitake a little better, he strikes me as a poly version of Lavell. He is a people person and even has a similar sense of humor. Lamb now strikes me as a well organized, seasoned coach who approaches the game in a very logical and systematic way. He doesn’t seem phased at all with the task of installing the schemes in preparation for Arizona. As far as Detmer goes, I have no reservations about him period. I just feel fortunate that he will be on our sideline come fall. I still don’t know much about Tuiaki except for the strong endorsement he got from Sitake. But, it sounds like the defensive scheme will be simple and aggressive and that the players are picking it up well. But, if I had any concerns, it would be for the defense. Oregon state apparently struggled on defense last year and Sitake and Tuiaki were key coaches for that defense. I just hope it was a talent issue and not a system or scheme issue.

Thanks dew,

I had no idea that my post has been blocked regarding the 24 recruits that Bronco got for this Va. football season that were all 3 star players with not one above a 3 star player. Va. is in a P5 conference team,

Our new HC was able to get us, a G5 team, for all things except scheduling purposes, four
4 star players.

I got the information from a Virginia News Reporting agency, I did not say anything that was not public information. The post should not have been blocked. This takes censoring too far and does not take into the constitution right of freedom of the press.