I thought Jim Hawkes would like this

because it is pretty much down to what he has posted over the last several years…

Thank you Floyd…

for acknowledging my expertise. Please let grasshopper know so he will be aware of this as well. I visited Arizona during the holidays and met up with my good friend who officiates high level high school football and basketball.

We talked about BYU and their problems a little and he commented that the problems begin with lazy recruiting, something I have been saying for some time now.

The truth is I am not biased against Utah, Idaho or any other state. I like to rib Floyd a little but the truth is the program is not working hard enough to find the right players and put together a team that can make a run at something.

Maybe it will happen one of these years.

I don’t know about Bsketball, but right now in Football, most of the recruits are still from Bronco era… This next year we should see some of Kalani’s coming back from Missions…

On the offensive line, they started two true freshman and one redshirt freshman… that should say a lot about Bronco’s (as well as his other offensive coaches).

I also believe that recruiting was hurt by having some inexperienced D1 coaches (Empey, Mahe, etc) hired when Kalani first came. I really do not think they knew was to look for…

That is my take…

Oh by the way, Grasshopper is not someone who takes it well when proven wrong. :open_mouth:

Good comments here about the early Kalani assistant coaches. To me they also may have been a little late in getting the assistants because of the timing when Bronco left for UVA. and the fact that Bronco left the cupboard bare of almost all assistant coaches.

What I noticed is that when Sitake came on board, he filled his staff and other Football personnel (Football Ops, recruiting people, office staff, etc) with his former teammates. I cringed a little because that has been a big problem for BYU for decades. We hire people that have been siloed in our system/bubble. And no one else wants them. I’m not saying that some of them aren’t qualified…some are great, I’m sure. But most are inexperienced, and again, nobody else is hiring them before us or stealing them away.

I am still confused to whether Kalani brought in Mahe, Empey, etc. (All inexperienced D1Coaches) or if it was Tom Holmoe idea.

I know Tom put Detmer in as OC, but not sure about the other coaches.

Does anyone know for sure?

I don’t know. I would think Kalani did it with Holmoe’s blessing. My brother Tom probably knows as he has a very secure source who is deeply embedded in BYU’s Athletic Dept. But it doesn’t really matter. My main point is that BYU might want to look outside for help with our sports program. For example, the Grimes hire was a great one. I know he was at BYU years ago, but he’s not LDS.

I first have to be wrong :hugs:

Grimes also brought in some good quality assistants as well (Fesi, A-Rod, Oline coach)

No, first you need to “recognize” you are wrong… we all know you are wrong multiple times over the years.

And yet I turn out to be right in all situations. Fascinating!

I would be fine to be wrong about every thing I have ever written if I could be right about one thing.

I think I can get consensus on this board that grasshopper is delusional about many things.

That is something I know is right.

Kalani did not get to chose his staff past his DC. You are correct and it was a disaster.