I thought we were over that

Those long droughts were a thing of the past, I thought. Just gives them hope for next week’s game.

Hard to believe that this particular byu team is performing as well as they are. After losing the roots of their team, I am very impressed with coach Pope’s rebuilding efforts. It coulda/shoulda taken a lot more time to get these kids playing good decent ball.

Beating Saint Mary’s at home was huge. Something byu never does. If this team makes the ncaa tournament, coach Pope deserves coach of the year award.

Byu looks 10 times better than they did earlier on this season when USC made them look like a rural utah high school basketball team. I really didn’t have a lot of expectations for this season, at all, but the team is being coached up great and they are improving at a phenomenal rate. Love the potential of our team.

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No doubt we are doing well and we look better. But, we weren’t having those long droughts in scoring. We had one against a team that we should pound but they make games close. We can’t have any droughts Wednesday.

Great picture…utah hs bball team to NCAA…sweet 16…coach of the year…wcc if not regional

Few’s first National Title will probably win the CoY though.