I was having such a good day, then I remembered

BYU has a basketball game this afternoon. I turned on the TV and watched a ten-point lead dwindle to three. Now my day is not going so well. Here’s hoping that the Cougars will pull out the win.

Actually it was a 17 pt. lead that dwindled to zero. Somehow they pulled out the win but this is the dumbest, most skilled team in the wcc. I actually think BYU has as much talent as Gonzaga but where they lose games is in the mental aspect of the game and that is a big part of coaching.

I don’t think they ever have a discussion about the basics of the game… so many of the simple things are totally missed by this team.

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Talent yes. I was about jump on you for that, but I’d say you’re right. It’s athleticism that kills us.

We can beat anyone and lose to anyone.

Athleticism isn’t independent of talent, it is a part of the overall thing.

BYU is also more talented AND more athletic than St. Mary’s but they still lose to them.

The difference is coaching and developing a team that plays with energy, chemistry, etc. and is eager to learn and get better.

That is where BYU gets beat by Gonzaga and St. Mary’s and also where they lose to the dregs of the wcc with, not so surprising, regularity. They lack a mental edge and a coach that holds them accountable. Being held accountable is what makes you a better player and one reason why BYU shows little improvement over the course of a season.

Another thing that hurts them is that none of the players probably understand why Dastrup sits the bench all the time so they are confused.

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The really sick thing is that virtually all the players getting the most minutes have spouted these words more than once during the season…

Walking the walk and talking the talk are sadly very different things.

Say what you will about Roger Reid, but his teams were disciplined and focused. BYU needs a coach who can recruit like Frank Arnold, know Xs and Os like Roger Reid, and be media savvy like Steve Cleveland, Does such a coach exist? I used to think Dave Rose was the answer until the revolving door for players led to a lack of player development while those who transferred thrived elsewhere.

Steve Cleveland seems to be pretty active guy and he just turned 66 today. Why not bring him back to be assistant to Dave Rose? Yeah, sound weird (backword) but why not, he will make sure to get those players staying focus playing the whole 40 minutes. And he will tell Dave what adjustment need to be done like other players on the bench to rest those starters.
Can somebody tell Dave that?