I was just watching sports on SLC channel 4 and realized

to my hurt and embarrassment that BYU is now little brother to U of U but, also, USU. U of U to the Rose Bowl and USU has 11 wins, beating a Pac12 team. If I were now ranking BYU, I would rank them 36th.

If Sitaki does not significantly shore up the D (jettisoning his; cousin, brother-in-law, nephew, etc.) and gets some depth on D he will have a tough time winning more than 5 games in the B12, his first 3 or 4 years, if he lasts that long. Wonder how many contract extensions he gets with no more than 5 wins his first 4 seasons in the B12.

The bad news: you are right. It will take BYU several years to even compete consistently in the B12.

BYU has to upgrade (significantly) probably 30-40 of the 105 main roster guys before we can compete week in and out in the B12.

It took Utah 10 years to win the league, in a league that’s far inferior to the B12.

Just a bearer of bad news these days… Yet, we just beat 6 P5 teams, 5 in the Utah led PAC12. And, we are recruiting better players and have been to be able to beat so many P5 teams. We still have more to go. But this idea that these media people should be taken seriously is laughable. They have their opinions but they also must cause controversy to keep their jobs and find their sheep to spread their nonsense.
Congratulations for being their head sheep…

  1. I should have said “bearer of realistic news” instead of “bad news.”
  2. The media guys covering these teams have access we don’t have and a lot of experience. They are guys like us but who do it full time. I see great takes on this board and some terrible one. I think the Utah media articles are the same–some great takes and some useless fluff or flat-out bad analysis. Like I said, I’m no fan of Gordon Monson (I think the only thing he would enjoy more than an 0-12 BYU football season would be a bunch of star players expelled for HC violations), but this article from him was fair and I think on point.

I too read of recent article from him was pretty fair and well done written. But many times in past mostly blah blah blah garbage from him that we all know of who he is obnoxious on his part.

Controversy sells…Believing his insinuation that the players didn’t want to play is an attempt to cause divisions at BYU. Better to ignore him and others that try to do the same thing.