I'm mad as heck!

I can hear the Utah fans laughing at us! We have to do something Connecticut is a fine basketball school but they are just a stink of a football.

What can we do even if we win I’m bembarassed !

Sure glad the Cougars were very pissed off and angry to tie the mighty U Conn team at the half. If not for all that anger, U Conn would be ahead by 3 TDs.

You are seeing the results of Indy once again. Playing a top loaded schedule on the road, and when the cupcakes come around you are too beat up to compete with Indy recruits.

At least in a conference you have more home games and don’t need to front load as a conference championship is more important for post season bowl selection than who you played in September. It’s why we don’t have a great record vs MWC teams and similar after we play front loaded schedules, we just can’t sustain Indy.

KC: In the first three quarters you were right on. Somehow BYU came on very strong in the fourth quarter and pulled away for the win. But from what I saw in the first three quarters, my comments about BYU not being a candidate for a P-5 conference is what I truly believe. With the honor code and how BYU is coached and how they played in the first three quarters, they are a beat up team, especially playing third team depth chart linebackers and playing with the freshman QB, But as we know UCONN folded in the fourth quarter, whether it be the altitude or that BYU outplayed them, which we did. But I really think that BYU doesn’t have the DNA to play consistently against P-5 teams, even if we get into a P-5 conference. Our university has a very special and unique DNA, and we all know what it is. On September 5th I went to see Alabama play Wisconsin at the AT and T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. It was amazing to see Alabama, which had four deep of virtually every position, except for maybe the QB position, which was three deep with P-5 QB’s. They really outplayed the Big 10 Wisconsin Badgers, using at least most all of their players in the game… It really seems a long stretch that BYU could ever recruit players like Alabama (who has been beaten by Ole Miss). The P-5 DNA just doesn’t fit at BYU.

A couple of things. We outplayed them the entire game. Over 500 yards. Where we messed up was in the redzone. But in the 4th quarter we figured it out.
If we went into a P5 we would get more top LDS athletes and even non-athletes that can adhere to the standards.
And with that said, Bronco does very well with all the missionaries and their departures and re-entries. I’d like to see Harbaugh or Mora try it.

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I agree with you comments Scott.

Scott: I believe that the BYU Brand better fits a conference like the AAC. It affords BYU with a better chance for conference championships and good opportunities to reach the New Years Six Bowl games.

I agree. What are we playing for now?