I'm not watching the game, what happened to jamal?

I’m not watching the game, what happened to jamal?

It is said he has ankle “soreness.”

No one knows. Something with his leg.

bad ankle…

It’s been painful watching the offense. Thankfully the defense has scored a couple of touchdowns.

I just don’t understand why Taysom Hill cannot get it going.

He is a great intramural qb but just cannot seem to run a smooth offense. Every passing play is a broken play and an attempt to manufacture something.

It’s the worst…

This is a team that cannot catch critical passes nor defend deep passes by the opposition. Hill is over the Hill. The team looks beat up by the P-5 portion of the schedule.

And how do you lose this game when they lost 5 TO’s?

And that last FG which was block - I missed something. How come we still got the ball after that missed FG?

Ball didn’t cross the line of scrimmage and was recovered by BYU. It was only second down so they got another chance.

The thing that bothered me the most is that they still had 15 seconds left… plenty of time to run another play or two and get the ball out of bounds to get closer for a field goal try. It was poor management.