In game comments cal berkley game

Wow! Moved the ball but stalled. Then, weak pass defense again. Now, Tanner passing has gone bad.

Another stall on a bad pass. That pass was behind #1. Need to get touchdowns.

The new normal. Lucky to get 300 yards of total offense a game ---- with maybe 150 yards passing. Awesome.

Finally a long pass down field. Collie muffed it! Their defender had nothing to do with that miss. But, more down field passing needed to open up things.

Where are the fans??? Pathetic :slight_smile:

Is the crowd sparse? My parents are there. They checked into the MTC today before the game, and then went to the game (heading to the Czech Republic).

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We really haven’t done much in recent years to attract a lot of fans. Especially at those ticket prices.

Looks full. Wow! What was #5 doing?

Finally we cause a turnover!!!

Our bad offense really scares me, though. Especially next week and pretty much every other game. With a couple of exceptions.

Seriously. Can Mangum complete a pass longer than 15 yards that isn’t a Hail Mary?

Two short passes makes it easy to defend. Might try Canada on a sweep too.

I think that’s all the coaches/Mangum are comfortable throwing. We are playing not to throw an interception. In other words, the second coming of Jake Heaps.

So BYU has 200 yards of offense in the first half and can only muster 3 points.

Why does Mangum look so uncomfortable out there?

BYU had all the control in the first half and could only score 3.

Now the defense is getting tired and the offense is pathetic.

Then take him out

We never throw deep so the Cal defense can play tight. They can load up and stop the run too. They made those adjustments. We didn’t. How about trying the freshman QB.

No argument from me there. I wasn’t in favor of him being named the starter (and given an eternally long leash so his psyche doesn’t get hurt). I can’t stand the politics.

On the other hand, I’d rather Mangum get sacrificed to Wisconsin and Washington. I just hope he can make it through both games intact. Then, put in Wilson for the rest of the season.

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The defense had been good but now Cal has scored 21 points and the game is getting away because I don’t think the offense can do anything.

Yes, that is what happens when everyone in the stadium knows you aren’t throwing it more than 5 or maybe 10 yards. Ever.

This is what made the defense look bad last year, too. Our anemic offense is killer.

A punt and a fumble recovery is as good as a long pass! :slight_smile: