In game comments for Boise

Well, more “almost.” Almost didn’t run it out. Almost goal line stand. Almost 48 yard field goal.
Why did we run Hadley on 1st down? Should have been another pass or QB run.

Outclassed-talent wise-coach wise. BYU has a star qb for the future if they can surround him with talent. BYU needs to be able to run the ball. Maybe next year.

Poor call-why sub out Wilson-wasted 2nd down

What was that??? Why take Wilson out? Fire the coaching staff. Start over.

Crazy ridiculous-seen too many calls like this recently

We have no redzone offense.

Blocking isn’t great

The passing plays are taking too long in the redzone. Need some crossing plays.

Dump a screen

Yes!!! First, we need a center that can snap the ball lower. Most of his snaps have been too high. The last one though was Wilson’s fault.
We should be winning.

Defense is holding it down-again critical holding penalties-young OL

Finally! We should be winning this game!

Rushing 3 gets this team in trouble-blitz on 3rd and 7

Because our coaching staff does does know what they are doing. What ineptitute. How about #89 loss of his great catch. This team is snake bit.

Blocking sucks on the O Line.

He protected the ball but when he went to the ground he took his hand off the ball. Why? Uggg!!!

Yeh gotta feel for Bushman-great catch great effort

Another 3 man rush on 4th and they should have completed it-drives me nuts

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The referees are going to give this game to Boise. There wasn’t any holding on that run back. Sick!
We should have won this game! Too many freshman and a senior that makes crucial mistakes.

They didn’t show the hold and I didn’t see it