In game comments - Wisconsin

Too many trick plays. They are on to the end around. Tanner froze on the pass.

Why is our defense so undecided? Players running in and out not knowing who’s in and who’s out? Not knowing the defense.

Where are the fans? The doubters?
Nice start. Hope we can keep this going all game long!

Nice competitive game for the first half. Great going. Did not expect that. I expect Wisc. to wear down our guys in the second half but maybe it will be the opposite, hope so.

Question will be if we can match the changes of Wisconsin.

How did we lose to Cal?

Getting worn down on defense. It’s up to the offense.

This is huge!!! Great game!

How did they lose to Cal??? But, it takes a couple of games to get everything together

No turnovers and only 3 penalties

Congrats COUGARS-game ball to Canada and OL-scrappy defense

I thought the defense was solid. I would really like to see Wilson play next game. Maybe not start but Tanner is slow and doesn’t see the field.

Mangum deserves some credit for managing the game and not making any dumb plays. When he is bad I say it but when he plays like he did today he deserves some credit. There have been many superbowl winning QB’s who managed games and didn’t do much to win the game.

It was a good team win, they deserved it.

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That’s what I said. He managed the game but teams will adjust and so do we. Cal shut down our running game and won. Others will too if our QB can’t pass and can’t run.

Do miracles happen? YES! Our offensive scheme held Tanner Mangum down so that he didn’t throw away our momentum in the first half. We played a disciplined offense. I am surprised that Wisconsin didn’t throw the ball more.I guess the game got into a smash mouth contest. Our trickeration half back pass play was the play of the game. Squally Canada’s two long plays helped win the game.
When we began to wear down late in the game on offense and a bit on defense I really thought that it might be time for Wilson to come in at QB. But all of the sideline shenanigans, the “jumping” BYU bench helped our energy.Then Kalani’s icing of the Wisconsin field goal kicker was the “icing on the cake.”
I do believe that Wisconsin has not been under pressure like today in their first two games. BYU had nothing to lose and by playing lose it helped them according to Kalani, I believe it. Also their week of practice and the let down from the Cal game helped BYU to prepare like they did in spring ball and fall camp. Prepare for the competition.
Beware, over confidence can be a killer. Actually the loss for Wisconsin may help them exactly like the Cal loss did for BYU. The “power of positive thinking” helps people move mountains. BYU needs to keep up those hard practices and that “positive thinking.” Each game is a new day, a new challenge. Congratulations Cougars, players and coaches. Let’s prepare for the next game, one game at a time.

The offensive line was the real key protecting Tanner from coughing up the ball and throwing interceptions. Also for not having a bunch of penalties.

who was the only posting that Tanner and a Grimes had what it took?

Congrats-best post of the day. Keep it in perspective. BYU played smashmouth football and Wisconsin expected last years team

I like your post Hawks. I truly believe you actually watch games with subjective eyes and not fan hysterics

LOL!!! Before this game everyone was saying to replace Mangum because he can’t pass and can’t run. We win and he still can’t runnir pass and now you think Tanner is the man! Illogical.