In Game Comments

Pass defense is soft and allowing short passes. D line doing well.

Tanner almost a pick 6 and then short and off target. Hope he’s got that out of his system.

How many close or marginal calls will go BYU’s way?

I say none.

That pass clearly bounced and the ref was going to let it go.

Always the same, nothing changes. I went to a game at U of A many years ago and it was the same thing back then. Even the fans of Arizona told my friend and I that we got robbed and though they didn’t deserve it, they were appreciative of the officiating that allowed them to win.

It’s nonsense.

no holding on the long pass for BYU…

Tanner needs to be more patient… he’s panicking too much.

Happy feet on third down

I hope he gets comfortable and can adapt when needed.

I feel like BYU is outplaying UA right now.

And dang, he had that touchdown pass to an open receiver. Shoulda coulda woulda

I’m liking Hifo

Canada is looking pretty good too

I’m liking the game calling so far. Same on defense.

I’m liking the play calling so far.

First game of the season and away, the team looks good enough. We should be happy with what we are seeing, especially after last season.

Well that was another marginal PI call. I guess it is okay for UA to make contact but we can’t do it.

You mean, other than another 120 yard game from Tanner Mangum? With maybe 120 yards rushing (team) thrown in?

The defense is good. Our bend-don’t-break pass defense scares me, but no complaints so far.

BYU is ahead and it is almost halftime. The offensive line looks good. I am happy.

Dang, too easy on the TD throw. I don’t see 100% effort by every player on every play. That is not a good sign in the first game of the season.

Who is #1? He looked disinterested and made no effort on that touchdown?

Okay, now I have a complaint . . . :grin:

Mangum starting to look like his old self again…

I’m also worried about our struggles for years now with first downs. They are rare, and few and far between. It really taxes the defense when they’re on the field all night. I’m watching time of possession. For years, we have had the ball a lot less than the other team. It makes our defense look worse than it is (especially last year), because you can’t stop everybody all the time, and when you’re on the field all night and your offense isn’t scoring, you start to bleed yardage, scoring, etc. as a defense.

Yeah, good point. That is not a good thing. Tanner started well but started to look like his former self at the end of the half, bouncing passes and not being very aware of the pocket or pressure.

That doesn’t bode well.

Pass defense sucks. 2-15 yard penalties in first half… Do we ever get to the Arizona QB. Terrible run defense on ends.