In-game comments

I was able to see the first 7 minutes before pac-12 tv blocked me. Childs started blazing hot. 13 points in 7 minutes. 18 for the 1st half.
BYU is shooting very well. But only leading by 8 points. It looks like Utah is getting to the rim for layups a lot. If we can stop their layups maybe we can extend the lead and win. I’m sure Pope is not pleased with all the layups and fouls. Need more scoring and less turnovers from the team.

1st half Yoeli 18 pts and 5 pts for TJ, Toolson and Seljass? Nixon got 7 but Lee not playing much? BYU leading in rebound 18-9 which was nice. Yes need to cut down turnovers.

So you were only able to watch for 7 minutes on Pac12 Network. Do you get that network?

They don’t work with Direct TV. So, I don’t get it. Yes, way too many turnovers. Too many fouls as well. This game should have been put away but we keep letting them back in.

Looks like we are running out of gas. What happened to Childs? He stopped scoring

I use to work for Directv as customer service. No more! Yes, they don’t have Pac12 Network because Directv still not getting some agreement to make it work. And I do noticed BYUtv is still not in HDTV.

Yes, the game should have been a run away for BYU. Yoeli can’t do it all alone and seeing those dumb Turnovers and Fouls. Yo only got 1 foul, pretty impressive. Did he get a MONSTER DUNK YET?

Well, he came out about 5 minutes into the second half due to a cramp in his calf. He tried to go back in but it cramped up again. Too much to first game. Too bad. They couldn’t stop him and we would have won. Maybe. The refs were pathetic. The foul discrepancy was obviously to help Utah. It did.
TJ played awful. Big game and he disappears again.

So now you are saying refs are the blame. So it was true and yes it is & will be no fun watching/listening to those games. So maybe it is true Jim Hawks had enough about sports anymore.

Now on to TJ Haws. Maybe he should have never played basketball. He disappeared again.

Feel bad for Yoeli Child, had to sit for 9 games and now cramping calf few minutes later in 2nd half. And now I wish Fish had said nothing about NCAA DANCE thoughts.

I like Coach Mark Pope and he will do fine. And I feel bad for Gavin Baxter to miss the whole season due to shoulder injury.

Tonight game was so painful loss.

Yet, with such a lopsided refereed game, cut down on 4 or 5 turnovers and we would have easily won the game. It’s true we played poor defense. Utah made layup after layup. Even with Childs. Had Childs not been injured we win the game. We should have anyways. It was like we never played those 9 games without Childs in the second half. Lee didn’t do a thing. Nixon played well until he fouled out. Barcello was worthless. He did little and turned the ball over. If Childs is healthy and can play the entire game we win most games. If not, it’s going to be a long season