In game comments!

Like boxers, they were feeling each other out in the 1st round…

No pass defense. Great…

Playing zone on the 10 yard line is something we would see in a bad high school program. Welcome to our defensive coordinator and his terrible schemes!

One under throw that cost us a big play. One over throw behind the receiver results in a Interception - TD.

Still should have been caught.

He’s getting it going now. Now, where’s the defense?

What is Warner doing? He’s late to the spots and seems lost…

Troy Warner hasn’t played all season due to injury and he might be confused about this DC Defensive Scheme. Yes, he is lost of how coach Tuiaki (sp?) trying to make it work HIS way.
Zac Wilson need to be BENCH with two picks (one pic6) are way tooooooo many in first half. Get him off the field and put in Baylor Romney.
I can’t believe that I am being grumpy on a Christmas Eve night.

I’m looking at the stats. Zac Wison caught two passes and a TD to himself. How did he do that? Was he switched to WR and who is the QB?
And I only see two players running the ball but only some 3 attempts. What’s up?

1 on defense is Warner. Crummy game so far…

Zac Wilson is a big stupid kid. Wow, he really blew this game by not getting any TD in the 4th QUARTER like most of the season. ZERO passing TD in the entire game, just like he did against sdsu.
Why Baylor Romney or Jaren Hall ever played at all?

Anyway, Merry Christmas

Sitake cannot tick off mama or ol Zack may take off elsewhere.

Merry Christmas-biggest gaff was the coaches call a pass on 3 and 2 and stopping the clock

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Well, why the strange play calling inside the red zone. Heck, inside the 5 was pathetic in the 2nd half. The coaches set the plays and set up the QB for success or failure.
That 3rd and 2 at the end. A pass screen instead of running? Come on! Coach has to tell the QB to look and check. Shipway was open 15 yards down the field.
We have good depth and it should be interesting to see what happens with the defensive coaching.