In - Game Comments

That’s what Sataki was telling him. Still missing tackles as well. Now here comes the injuries. Keep them to a field goal.

If I said that I’d be getting narcissist comments :slight_smile:

No defense. Can’t stop the run.

Another underthrown completion… I am just going to be happy that it worked.

Welcome to the B12!

No pressure on the QB, his throws are hitting the receivers in stride. The Baylor line is controlling the scrimmage and they hold quite a bit but I guess holding is called differently in the Big 12. I hope BYU is making notes on how to block in the Big 12. You grab the defender and push, as a group, until a hole opens up. This is really bad.

Have to get a new defensive coach. This is embarrassing. The offense moves the ball and then fumbles. Two games in a row.

Offense has to score more to stay in games. TE’s have to be used a lot more. Speed up their offense as well.

I predicted Baylor 35 and BYU 17. Let’s see the rest of the game. Arkansas got beat up earlier. :frowning_face:

First penalty called in the game is a holding call… against BYU.

These officials are weak.

I guarantee that Baylor has held enough times to get at least one holding call.

Pass down the field. Use the TE. Too predictable.

I know. Did you see the rain come pouring down just before the fumble? It was crazy!

Yep. But the play calling isn’t good. Don’t use the TE enough.

Here comes the comeback. 35-31 :sunglasses:

I don’t think the blame is on the play calling. The calls are fine, the players need to execute better. Hall is not accurate on his throws, the offensive line isn’t opening holes. BYU looks a step slow, they just aren’t executing well.

Baylor has more speed.

BYU has devolved but also the B12 has some big boys and big play fellas

Should be able to throw it to the bigger receivers. Use the TE more as well. Blocking could still be better. Need a turnover

Not sure on that one. BYU has beaten their DB’s on numerous occasions. Hall ran away from them on the touchdown. I haven’t seen a significant difference speed wise. They are just executing and BYU is not. They are outplaying BYU, which I kind of expected.

We got off to a good start. We can’t mover the ball and then stall at the 30 every time.