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Games over for all intents and purposes.

They just aren’t going to call a penalty on Baylor, holding or not. Sorry, but they have held on several plays and it just isn’t getting called. Those plays on the edge where the guy runs free? Holding needs to be called.

There goes the ranking for the Cougs. Don’t think a NC game or NY game is in the future, this year. :thinking:

BYU reacts too slow. I don’t see holding.

We can win out from here. 10-2 would be good.

Wonder if Sitaki will say the team needs to be better prepared and it is his responsibility to get the team prepared. Virginia is looking more and more like a possible loss.

The truth is that it is not in the future pretty much every year. The only way it possibly happens is if they go undefeated 2 years in a row. Even then I don’t think they have any chance for a playoff scenario… regardless of two undefeated (which won’t happen) seasons in a row.

We have had this discussion on here before… it is a moot point.

That is an ironclad guarantee. He will do that. I hear ya, it gets a little old sometimes.

Just goofing around. 12 and 0 or 11 and 1 is beyond BYU.

Haha, remember there is a lot you don’t see on that TV of yours.

Are you honestly going to say that Baylor hasn’t committed one penalty the entire game, let alone not one time have they held?

That’s a joke!

Homer refs, showing BYU that, “You upstarts think you can come in here and win. Ha ha.”

The issue in my mind is that they haven’t called one penalty on Baylor…

They aren’t watching things close enough. I guarantee you that Baylor has held on more than one or two occasions. It just wasn’t called…

Would a good game by the officials be one in which they called zero penalties? I mean why did they call a holding penalty on BYU?

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The Bears 38 pts. 2 consecutive losses. Maybe next week also.

Not next week. We win out

Your feigned “eternal optimism” is delusional.

Not sure why the site is saying I edited this post. I haven’t done that until now.

GH, is BYU going to win this game. :rofl:

Just need to interject here…

Our receivers have been awesome.

Agree! How dare BYU really wreck my prediction.

This is the 2nd game in a row that the running game hasn’t worked. Either pass more to open up the run or Hall has to run 10 times a game.

Baylor was the best team left on the schedule. I watched them last week and knew it would be a tall order to beat them. They may be the best team BYU has played or will play this year.