In game Pepperdine comments

Pepperdine starts off hot. BYU starts off cold and turns over the ball a lot. If BYU doesn’t figure things out soon, it’s going to be a loss. And no Gonzaga.

Did we win? 20 turnovers? We only lead very little time? And ugly ugly ugly ugly game! Now we play GU in the final tonight And why not we should play against the woman Gonzaga without work? We know we will lose to see you

With this year season, where there were long lay off without playing a game, I can understand BYU not being very focused or mistake ridden. Basketball is a game of timing and movement, if you have not played in a competition , that timing can suffer.

Not saying that is all there is too it, but I think it has something to do with the sloppy play.

To be quite honest, we have a lousy offensive scheme. It plays into a very aggressive defense like Pepperdine. A lot of standing around and o e man dribbling too much. Never any off ball screens. So, hats off to BYU players to have won.

Tonight’s game should be interesting with a back to back game. Something I don’t understand why there is no day in between. We will see how good of condition we are in. Maybe GU too.