In the eyes of our HC, who are really the best players, (0-3) star players, or (4-5 star players)

“ Some college coaches make highly recruited teenagers feel like rock stars during the recruiting process. Mendenhall has said that players need to recruit him and show a strong desire to attend BYU."

“I don’t think he should cater to these kids all the way,” Kuresa said, "but I wish he would be a little more personable with some of these recruits.”

Other places, articles have said that Bronco is more likely to warm up to a 2 star or lower player than the more sought after players (4 star 5 star). We have seen this with Ben Olsen and with Jacob heaps.

Once we manage to deflate their egos to the point that they transfer out, they are no longer the 4-5 star players that they came to us as. They are no longer good enough to start at any University at any level. We ruin them.

If Bronco is more comfortable with the lower level players, he should coach at a lower level University and let someone come to the Y that respects the upper level players. ”as ye sew, so shall ye reap"

I have but one question: With our recent history of the past 10 years, if you were a 5 star player, and Bronco was still the coach, would you commit to BYU?

I just wish we could identify and develop talent no matter what the star rating. The superbowl talk about how neither team had a starter who was a 5 star, but average was like 2.5 stars for both teams starting lineups just shows that many great football players, or at least great enough to get to and stick in the NFL, are not 5 stars. They are 2 and 3 stars that were developed and became great player in college. Our program is full of 2 and 3 star guys, but the lack of development under the current regime is troubling. The excuses need to stop, the NFL talent has spoken. What you develop into while at college means more than the star ranking you had coming out of high school.

Time for a change in our program all around.

My question is simple… Can you not have a clean well run team (football) and still make winning a priority?

Bronco has said openly that it is more important for him to develop the players into good men than football players.

Can you not do both?

I always think of Jerry Sloan… the coach loved winning, he taught and expected his players to play hard all game long, he also reminded his players that the people that bought the tickets to see them play, work hard for that money.

Why can’t we have both?

Absolutly you can, and we did for many many years. And produced not only some great NFL players, but great men and contributors to society and community. Some of those same men are the ones now voicing their concerns about the program, I think it’s time people listen.

Bronco has convinced the powers that be that you can’t do both, and I reject that premise, as should Tom. But let’s just say some of the BOT don’t care about sending guys to the NFL, competing at the highest level. Some simply care about the balance sheet and the program staying out of the papers. To them that’s a successful program, to me it’s too low of a bar to set. The BOT and Tom need to raise the bar on the program.


Acknowledging that their are exceptions to all rules, except perhaps the rules of our honor code, and being able to identify many of those exceptions, one must look at how many 4-5 star athletes are drafted from major P5 type Universities and how many 0-3 star players are drafted each year from Universities that are not in P5 conferences.

When a 4-5 star player out of high school has high aspirations of making millions of dollars per year after college in the NFL so he can buy mom a new house, (Ha), does that player go to a school, not in the P5 conference, and not with a good track record of developing the 4-5 players to their highest potential, but instead, favoring the 0-3 star player in favor over the 4-5 star player, than which university will that gifted and talented player choose to attend.

One exception was 5 star Ben Olson, he transfered out damanged goods and could not compete well anywhere including UCLA. Another exception was Jacob Heaps that by the time he transferred out, he was damaged goods and could not make it at ND or anywhere else.

4 star quarter backs sat on the bench their whole career at BYU while injured with broken back, inferior, teacher’s pet, got to play.

Things like this too often do not go unnoticed on the recruitment trail. The more often it does happen, the harder it is to get the coveted recruit.

  • think that Bronco could be a rock star if he taught in the field of humanities and left football coaching for those that put a higher priority on the game.

Regardless if you are a doctor, a lawyer, Scientist, Engineer, Teacher, Social Worker, Nurse or any other profession, if you blame your religious beliefs on not doing 100%+ at the field that you are working at, than perhaps you should not be working in that field. ( The thought of having a doctor that does not see his profession as all that important to him, is right down scary).