Injuries starting again

First it was Bushman, now McChessney…

One reason I dislike Artificial turf is for the amount of injuries it has compared to grass sod.

What happened to McChesney?

In his foot. Maybe the same thing that happened to Taysom Hill? Lisfranc? Just a thought.

I hope it is not a serious foot injury. Having had a full reconstruction on my foot, I can tell you that it is not fun during recovery time.

Funny thing, my foot broke down while I was mowing the lawn. I told my wife “See what happens when I do yard work?” LOL

Artificial turf is what happened I suppose.

I like BYU combo (Grass/Turf), but I was watching the game and could see the artificial pellets jumping up as the play was happening. Never like the Artificial turf.

You’re supposed to pay the neighborhood kids to do it…

Your injury was probably from all those years squatting down umpiring baseball and eating twinkies between innings

Yep! Lisfranc Ghost it McChesney! Running in for the touchdown just like Hill. Why does it happen with our players? Is it the way they let up at the end and slow down? Is it the shoes? How does the turf affect it? I ran on concrete growing up with no problems.

You were out mowing artificial turf? I’ve heard a lot of excuses for getting out of yard work but “breaking down a foot” while mowing the lawn? That is pretty weak. :slight_smile:

I have had feet problems since high school.

Basically ignore it until, one foot decided to go out at the most inconvenient time.

Had a full foot reconstruction done.

What does the foot look like now?