Injury updates from last night

Is there anyone in the know concerning Nacua’s injury?

Sitake quotes from an Deseret News article on injuries and personnel decisions:

“I don’t know entirely. I am not a trainer or a doctor, but it didn’t look as much of a knee issue as (something) else.”

sked if was a “serious” injury, Sitake repeated that Nacua was a game-time decision and was determined to be good to go after missing the last two games with a high ankle sprain.

“I don’t know anything about Puka until we figure it out,” he said. “… Find the doctors’ numbers. Go ask them. I don’t know until they assess it. I am always hopeful, right?”

Sitake later told the BYU Sports Radio Network that Nacua’s injury is not believed to be season-ending.

The number of injuries the past two seasons is alarming. Four on the defensive line; Summers, Larson, Tuiloti-Marriner, and Batty. Tully among the linebackers and Hayes and Moore among the defensive backs. On offense not too bad except among the wide receivers with Nacua, Roberts, and Romney.

Three players I thought would play big roles haven’t seen the field yet this year. I know Ah You and Romney are dealing with injuries but what about the big tackle Mahe. I would think Mahe would be playing a lot especially with all the injuries on the D-line. What’s up with Mahe? Is he injured, in the dog house, redshirting? Anybody know?

Haven’t heard m. But, when Nacua got in the game, everything changed. He’s an elite athlete. Our other receivers are excellent but Nacua is elite.

What I don’t have any feel for is where does the number of injuries BYU has, in particular starters, fit in with other teams (like top 25 teams). It sounds high, but… any stats out there?

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Does anyone know why Josh Wilson (Zac’s little brother) is not playing as a Linebacker?

Is he hurt? In the dog house? what?

I watched him when he was in High School, very aggressive, had a nose for the ball.

I thought I saw him as a backup to one of the groups, but have not seen him this year.

We are very deep at linebacker this year. Maybe he’s redshirting.

Few teams in all D1 are playing the schedule that BYU starts with. It will be a few years before BYU can get their 2nds and 3rds to play at the level that our starters play at so this is expected and should not be a surprise.