Inside BYU Football:

Did anyone see the program showing the lead up to the Michigan game, during the game and the team meeting afterwards? Not sure about the offense but Bronco was singling out poor efforts and those working hard and not working hard.
Let’s see how the team responds for the lack of effort. Yes, lack of effort. Some point out that Michigan help receivers coming off the line. Blaine Fowler said today, so what? Players have to get physical back and fight! We were slow and not working hard enough on both sides of the ball.
See what happens Friday!

I agree - a lot! And if returning physicality with the appropriate level of physicality does not stop the hand checking, holding and so forth; put in a couple of receivers from the second and third teams and knock the Michigan defenders on their backsides. Give em something to really think about. Our coaching staff and our players are too soft. But again, as long as we are a “good” team by record and no scandals, Bronco can continue with those million dollar salaries, year after year, after year.

Well, the take from all other coaches from other teams is we are a very physical team. For whatever reason against Michigan we were not.
Do you really think Bronco makes a million dollars a year at BYU? Not even close.