Interesting article about BYU and Power 5

Okay, Floyd and Scott, this little blossoming love-fest between you two needs to stop. Please get back to exchanges we’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy in the past…

We don’t have the problem. Arkiecoug is getting a bit personal and escalating with Floyd. I’m trying to de-escalate it.

Can you believe it. I’m the peacemaker :joy:

Floyd: " I find it interesting that you call me on my “membership” in the church . . . " Me: Since I have no idea what your “membership” is, how could I call it on you?

Floyd: “First, be careful of what you ask… You do not know me, you do not know what I am capable of …” Me: You sound just like the bullies that I used to fight in junior and senior high school. But then you are one tough hombre aren’t you Floyd, you can threaten to beat up a little student and made him run away. All I did was give you an invitation which I notice you did not accept. And It is ME that you do not know what I am capable of. I offer and you threaten, wondered what kind of character you have, now I know.

I’m still wondering how old you are? Honestly…

Still silent. Why won’t you let us know your age?

Old enough to know better but young enough to not give a s%^&*

So, a millennial. If you know better then you also should know how to debate keeping things civil and not letting disagreements get to the point of physical threats. I don’t agree with Floyd’s comments all the time. I think he’s soft on people breaking the laws of the land like illegal immigration. But, I’m not going to threaten to kick his but either. Nor am I going to lower myself to that. Not necessary. He hasn’t done anything to warrant that.

I agree Scott, we don’t always see eye to eye… but we never lowered ourselves to escalate to physical violence.

There are some legal issues with this whole thing as well.

Both of you (Floyd and Scott) are funny. I did not threaten anyone. I made an offer and that is all. Floyd has insinuated on at least 2 occassions that he could physically harm me. One of those times was when I offered to let the matter drop.

HOWEVER, for me this has been a hoot. I, from the start, wanted to see how far I could push Mr. Floyd, the paragon of moral righteousness. And I got my answer. Also interesting to see, from a psychosocial aspect, the slanted perspective of Scott in not reading, understanding and acting on the entire history of this issue.

For a last poke, Floyd, please, PLEASE bring any legal action you wish against me. I desire you to do so… Bring it big fella!!!

Now I get to see how slanted and biased the responses will bring. This helped to pass the time during my Covid quarantine but my 2 weeks is up and I am doing better. Say your best [email protected]#$% but I am done with this “thread.” I have more interesting things to do now.

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You misunderstood again my efforts. I am simply attempting to stop the threats from both of you. Not to confront you.

Scott, I never threatened anyone… I simply said to him, it was his choice to escalate, not mine.

So please do not insinuate that I threatened anyone.

This is what you wrote in post #23.

“First, be careful of what you ask… You do not know me, you do not know what I am capable of …I am in the book, so if you feel the need to escalate this, then that is your choice, not mine.”

And, Arkie responded escalating the situation. It is a threat. But, this whole thing reminds me of a cat fight. He’s obviously has some issues. Although his original points are valid. You do have a propensity to aggressively go after anything I say. But, in his youth he is going overboard.

I could see where you think that is a threat… but it is not “threat” in legal terms.

It is a warning, same thing I told my kids when they were in high school “Be careful of what you say or do around people you do not know, because you do not know how they will react”.

It would like you being at a party that is filled with liberals, you don’t know that before, so you start to spout your “conservative” values… it is not going to end well.

My warning to him that he should be careful what he says and does, because not everyone reacts the same way as you might expect.

I do come across as aggressive, I will admit that. But most of the time, it is not how I intended it to come across, just a matter of not having a better command of the language.

You and others have called me out on it, and I have had to rethink how I posts things.

I’m glad you brought up Jim Hawks. Every single time that Jim said anything that was derogatory, and was called out for it. Jim took the moment to walk it back and apologize. He got his points across but he also made sure that he looked through the lens of the other person.

We all have emotions and we all get offended, that is just part of being human and having testosterone. So how about it. Floyd, How about it, Arkiecoug?

They have testosterone? Is it lethal?


I have no animosity, at all, towards Floyd or anyone else. I had no animosity during our little verbal “skirmish.” I wish Floyd well in all endeavors in his life.

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Not always fish, just ask him about members in Alpine… That took advantage of his dad. He has never apologized for the comments he made about Utah Mormons.

When it with other posters, your right Jim did apologize to them when he crossed the line.

There are good members and bad members everywhere. There are even the very elect of God who have sinned and have erred greatly in the past. But, the Lord still works his Gospel through imperfect man. The Church as a whole has grown in doing the right things in helping all mankind.

Never said anything different. I have known for decades members can sin, be bad examples, etc. If I had my testimony based on the members behavior, I would never have joined the church.

Just said Jim has not apologized for the comments he made about Utah Mormons, Heck he even knocked the location of the Draper Temple.

The behavior of past and present leaders has always been the leading excuse for people to leave the Church. Testimony is one of the least understood concepts in Christiandome.