Interesting article on the "Bigs" of BYU basketball

It will be interesting to see how Coach Pope will do with this team.

Good article on Lee-thanks- unbelievably, basketball isn’t that far away. Looking forward to seeing Pope’s team-even without Childs

Check this out on the process of hiring coaches at BYU:

Interesting that the Coaches Circle was not mentioned. I’m guessing that if they round up half of the head coaches salary, they might have some input in The hiring and firing of coaches. It’s understandable that in order to coach at BYU, you have to jump through some hoops that other coaches don’t which eliminates 98 percent of potential applicants. The good thing about it, though, if you are a bright, innovative coach with success, your tenure seems pretty well set for as long as you want to be there. On the other hand, your failure to produce winning programs end up like every other program. I like Sitake’s comment that he was there to be your football coach, not your bishop or spiritual advisor. I wish him well-he is a good face for BYU football, but he still has to win.

Just looked at Pop’s resume.

I think we got the right guy.