Interesting Basketball Stats

When the announcers from the national TV broadcasts call Coug games, they extoll Alex Bartello as a great 3 point shooter. Fact is, for the 11 conference games so far, he is 10 for 39, or .256. This is not to in any way minimize him as the team leader, leading scorer, hard worker and mvp of this team. Just that he has fallen way off on shooting treys, and you find that he no longer shoots very many of them. On the other hand, for the 11 conference games, the leading 3 point shooter percentage wise is our budding super star, Caleb Lohner. He is 12 for 20, for a whopping 60 percent! This after starting out at a lowly 1 for 20 in the first few games before conference.

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AB claims, and Pope seems to agree, that AB does what is necessary to help the team win…though 25% 3 in conference does not help much. overall though last year and this year he still is one of the best in the nation…my impression is that teams have been able to key on him deep because not enough others, including BA, are shooting well enough deep enough in conference.
AB is getting more minutes than any other player so . . . we don’t have enough PG depth. Erickson has earned Pope’s praise for next year but not minutes this year…Wade has more minutes than Erickson (41 to 21) but not the praise…expect PG recruiting to be amped up in the transfer portal this year.

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Welcome WRGuy. AB is a deadeye catch and shoot three point shooter, and that was his job last year. After the first few games this year teams started going high over the pick every time to keep AB from stepping back and getting set. It’s been awesome to see the way he has dominated curling hard off the pick and pulling up from 12-15 feet.

As some have pointed out here, Lohner is the kind of athlete BYU hasn’t gotten enough in the past. That will change with Coach Pope by the way. Lohner has an NBA body as an 18 year old kid.

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Lohner is a great example of what can be accomplished when you have a good skill set and are willing to work hard and never give up. That is what he is doing. He has a great understanding of where to be, what to do and when to do it. That is something that is either natural or learned through lots of experience and being coachable. I think Pope can make him into a NBA caliber player. He has the smarts and talent, he just needs the experience and coaching. If there was a freshman of the year in college basketball he would have to be in the discussion.

He has a couple of nice games and now he’s national freshman of the year? He’s a one and done?

Lohner on one and done? Mika did played two years and he put in for NBA and we know that he played first year and then gone on a mission came back for one more year which is pretty close to one and then player and he end up in Italy and now playing ABA. Lohner should know better that he is not ready or he should play and go to school for four years which you may agree with me.

Every kid should play 4 years. Tell the NBA they don’t need them :face_with_monocle:

Lohner has to learn how to finish dunks 1st. Haha Hahaha.

I don’t think JCoug suggested one and done. What I read was that Lohner could become an NBA player…sometime…I concur 100000% with that. Lohner has NBA size and athleticism. He will have to continue to improve, particularly on offense, but we are seeing his growth before our eyes, amd he has literally the best coaches for big in the land, and like Chris said, it’s dreeeeeem-y to watch.

back half of the season, YES. Front end, NO. So it is a no from me. OSU’s Cunningham would be a good candidate, he has been their team leader from the get go. Would I take Lohner over any other Fr at this point, YES.

It is interesting to me that George has not gotten the traction that I expected. Pope requires that the 5 guys out there work together. George seems to be too focused on his personal play, which is very good on any other team, but on a Pope team, you have to keep your head up and involve others. My two cents

I don’t see your last point. What I’m seeing is that he finally got to the point he’s starting. But, he had two great games and two games of foul trouble. Some of the fouls were fouls. Others not. If he could stay in the game we win the rest of our games.

Thanks for being able to understand simple reasoning and use common sense. Of course I didn’t suggest he was one and done. That is nonsense. Grasshopper is the king of misunderstanding. Thanks to posters like you, fish and some others… if not for your comments sometimes I think I would go crazy trying to reason with some (one actually) of the posters here. :wink: