Interesting comments from Pope

BYU basketball: Mark Pope believes team has best basketball ahead of it - Deseret News

What say you?

Maybe they will make a big splash in the NIT.

I kinda lost it when we lost 4 in a row. What was the question?

I find it very interesting that Pope is trying to find a quality Q1 opponent next game to get “in” and off the bubble. Where was the urgency when we lost to Pacific and Santa Clara?

North Carolina wants in the dance, they have always been a blue blood, darling of the ACC, here they sit with 1 Q1 win all season, and BYU is sitting at 6 or 7 Q1 wins and they are out.

I knew that with the loss of our big post players we would struggle to make the NCAA tourney and now we see the reality of the situation. We are a decent team but not a good or really good team. Usually I would panic at this point for next season, but Pope pulled good teams out of disasters the first year or two as coach. So, I am inclined to give him a shot and just call this year bad bad luck. I do think the staff is talented and they will get highly rated recruits and 3 or 4 off the portal. Unfortunately we will probably never see our 2 injured big men in a BYU uniform again. Baxter just doesn’t have it in him for another recovery although I wish he would go for it. Harward is simply unable to physically handle the demands on his heart. Here’s to hoping that Pope and Co can put together a year where they have both the guards and the bigs to play at the highest level’s of the NCAA. We have had both under Pope but not at the same time.

I’m still wondering where Fousse (25 pts and 19 rebounds) fits in if we get a ligit center? Being a freshman and playing a Wes Unseld, can he really play the 4 position? Atiki is getting better as well. Can he develop a 3 point shot?

We need a seasoned guard as well. Trey is supposed to be really good. George says he’s coming back.