Interesting conversation about BYU Basketball

I also heard some comments made by Rhondo Felhberg about how BYU was being invited to the PAC10 before Utah was invited.

Basically he said that the PAC10 wanted BYU really bad, but they needed a partner, BYU offered to invite Utah since they are a rival and traveling partner. the PAC10 said they already would have the Utah market, and was looking at Colorado for the Denver market. All things were going well, until Governor of Texas told Colorado that they agreed to pay 1 million for leaving the Big10. that crashed the whole negotiations and PAC10 stayed packed until the time that they invited Utah and Colorado.

So that kind of blows the who anti-religion thing that people are thinking why were not invited. I will say back in the time that Rhondo was saying this the AD’s of the conferences had more power than they do now, the University President dictates that.

Still searching for a tape of the conversation.

I take what Rondo Fehlberg says with a grain of salt. He ran a lot of things into the ground, and was just a money-focusing bean counter from Standard Oil. He’s the one who pushed changing our colors to “Prussian blue and stardust gold” because his market research indicated that it sells better than royal and white.

I don’t believe him on this. I think a more accurate picture is the Big12 drama. Stanford, UCLA, Oregon, et. al. very much despise BYU as an institution on religious grounds, while hiding behind “but they’re not a research institution.”

WOW! Rubicon disagreed with you. Someone didn’t agree with you. You must of had a hissy fit :slight_smile:

Everyone has an opinion, that is fine… I was just reporting what was said over the airwaves (Sportstalk).

Thought people may like know since not everyone is in Utah. Personally, I like Fehlberg, as did Lavell. I believe he is the one that started lining up better teams to play overall. I could be wrong, but that is how I see it.

Understood. There’s no discussion without opinions!

I miss Glenn Tuckett. I think our ADs have been inferior since him, including Val Hale and Tom Holmoe. Fehlberg was my absolute least favorite of them all, but your mileage may vary. Tom Holmoe is a nice guy, but things have kind of gone to seed under his watch. Of course, his degree of difficulty has been higher (harder teams, independence, challenges of the WCC, etc.).

We’ve been better than usual in baseball lately, so there is that.

Not sure who was good or not… I really never paid that much attention, I know the decline of sports at BYU started when Merrill Bateman was President. He is the one that stopped the AD from going directly to the President of the University office. Now they have to go through the chain of command.

Tuckett talked about being able to go and talk to President Oaks on the status of sports.

I did not realize that Littlewood was a good I use to umpire his youth games at Taylorsville until a friend of mine brought it up. He has really turned that baseball program around. I like watching them play on TV.