Interesting pre-signee class this year

BYU Cougars football: 2021 recruiting class (+live updates, video) - Deseret News

Looks like most of them are in the 3 star category, one 4 star…

And before anyone disses on the “Utah players”, look at how many of them were recruited by P5 schools.

The Fano kid is a beast and I was surprised that he choose BYU over Washington and Oklahoma. I watched him in our state playoffs, He reminded me of Tonga a bit. Not saying he could replace him, but he definitely is a handful

The Migao brothers are another interesting pair… They must be super studs because they came from California. :open_mouth:

Milne was a unrecruited walk on. Talent is where you find it.

and how you develop it…

I remember a story about Steve Young who ran the wishbone in high school, came to BYU and ended up being one of their best QB’s…

Finding talent is hard, but developing it is also a good thing, Look at Chad Lewis, same as Milne, a walkon who ended up in the NFL.

I think it looks like an outstanding group of players. By the way, I noted some back and forth on another thread about “legacy players.” People with extreme athleticism seem far more likely to have kids who win the genetic lottery. They are also more likely to mentor, coach, and give their kids every athletic opportunity. Pat Mahomes’ dad was a very good MLB pitcher. Gavin Baxter-son of a D1 basketball player and Olympic sprinter mother. The Haws boys? Ok I hope everyone gets my point. There are COUNTLESS other examples. Personally I think BYU should work harder than ever to sign kids of former players, where we have the inside track with their parents having raised them as BYU fans. Why knock a kid because he’s from Utah or Montana or anywhere else, or because his dad played for BYU? If the kid is good enough to play, it’s a smart move to focus on kids whose families will encourage and support the BYU recruiting experience. They also are more apt to do better off the field of their parents can relate to their experience at BYU (as would alumni of any other school who have kids who follow them there).

I know in the past Jim has opinioned his disapproval of Rose’s 50 mile recruiting radius. What needs to be pointed out is that Lone Peak was a farm house for D1 Utah prospects and a direct conduit for BYU. Families moved there because of their kids talents. Corner Canyon has displaced Bingham to some extent for D1 talent in football. Wasatch Academy is 100% a D1 farm team. We have 3 kids here or coming and I hope the pipeline gets even stronger over time. Da La Silva, who dominates at Cal was once a BYU commit. We would not of lost a game so far this year with that guy on our team. So not an argument for me. Would I like to see more international talent? Yeah. we are a world wide church so yeah and I think Pope is expanding that as we speak.

The fact we are arguing about the state of our BBall and Football teams today after the dark 5 or so back years is comical to me. Yes, I may wine about Tuiaki but my goodness, BYU Football has been the most talked about team in America this year, even more so then Bama, the anointed NCs. And after that run last year with the basketball team, ESPN had BYU playing in the title game in their fantasy march madness matchups and I sure would not of bet against them. BYU is freckin awesome right now so enjoy every minute of it.

It just not in Basketball, but all sports and especially if the kid comes from Utah, he calls us “delusional” because we from Utah thinks that our high schools players are good. Sorry, but having one of our top talent like Sewell being recruited by every major college team including Alabama tells me that we have good talent. There are others… Like Fano, and others who were recruited by several top P5 schools

It the same ole thing, Someone from Utah did me wrong, so all people from Utah is bad.

Hard to get actual figures, but Utah is consistently near the top of the entire USA in D1 scholarships awarded per capita. You can click on the map in this story for 2013-2016 data, were Utah was 10th in the country:,Division%20I%20programs%20this%20week.

BYU looks to have an outstanding group of recruits this year for football, and Coach Pope is already proving that he will get excellent players to want to play BB at BYU. I don’t care where the kids are from as long as they can play, handle the academics, and at least mostly obey the HC. Like Chris I whine about the BYU football defense, but mostly because I think that our scheme and DC are holding us back from my personal desire to see BYU consistently be a top 25 program. But yes it’s a good time to be a BYU fan right now.

Good call Chris, and I’m not a Utah resident, but I believe you have to recruit from your home state because some kids feel better close to home and if they are athletically qualified-why not? Going back to Lone Peak-the biggest regret I have is not having Pope there 3 years earlier. Haws was so much more effective his last year than any before and it makes me wonder whether Emery and Mikka would have benefited from that scenerio also. Lastly this is not a bash on Coach Rose, but it was at the end of his tenure at BYU, where Pope seems so much invested in the well-being and careers of these young men

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