Interesting read

Please KC read this!

Let’s be honest here, BYU is still in talks with the BIG12, what do you expect the former commissioner to say? If you honestly believe that TCU, WV, and Loisiville were all clear cut choices over BYU, than we are worse off than I thought. He is basically saying they didn’t need BYU becaue they had much better options and there was no need to negotiate at all. But notice he slips up and mentions ESPN, they I’m sure didn’t help our case as why would they want to pay us more as a BiG12 member than the current Indy deal?

I stand by my previous posts and sources. Not only did we blow a BiG12 invite, we blew a BIG East one as well, and now our AD and coaching staff finally realizes the dire situation it out us in and are vocal about the need to join or be left behind.

My source has said multiple times, BYUtv and a few senior BOT members mishandling of the negotiations are why the deals didn’t get done. It may take a few of them passing on as we don’t do emeritus BOT like others do, before we get this done. Otherwise it’s back to a G5 conference as Indy can’t sustain the program.

This is shaping up to be a very nice offseason after all.