Interesting story on KVN

The reason it is interesting to me is that I remember Jim Hawks complaining about how Bronco did not use the best player (KVN) during the first part of that season.

When they finally put in KVN, he went on to be one of the best LineBackers of all time at BYU.

This is the true backstory to what happened (well at least in KVN’s mind).

BYU football: Kyle Van Noy is glad he stayed at BYU. Here’s why - Deseret News

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yep. enjoyed the read. Thanks Floyd.

Thanks for posting, Floyd

Love me some KVN. Never forget the single man wrecking crew vs. SDSU in the bowl game. KVN outscored the entire SDSU team in that game.

Why was it “complaining” instead of an observation and opinion?

Nothing gets me more upset than watching talented players being wasted because of stupid coaches. I’m not talking about coaches that just don’t see or understand talent. I’m talking about the coaches with attitudes and haters who don’t use the talent because of personal reasons… they don’t like the guy or they think they are going to punish him for something or make him work when it isn’t necessary. They are power mongers and control freaks.

I don’t think Bronco was like that necessarily but I wondered why he wasn’t using Van Noy like he should have been. Oh well, whatever. My perspective and opinion doesn’t carry much weight anywhere, let alone Division 1 college football.

Your statement sounds like a father of one of my basketball players when I wasn’t starting him and playing him as much as he thought he should. The answer was simple, he missed practices, didn’t work hard, wasn’t a team player and kept messing up the offenses and defenses. He was the most talented kid on that team. Most coaches place “practice “ as an important decision on playing time.

Maybe this will help you understand why I used the Word Complaining:

Definition of Complaining"
“the expression of dissatisfaction or annoyance about something”

You annoyed or dissatisfied that Jamie Hill was not playing KVN as I remember it.

Bronco didn’t know what he had in KVN yet so why go that route? Every coach that ever lived has remorse about players that got away or were late bloomers. Just glad KVN stuck it out.

My good friend’s son, Hunter Greer, gave it up this winter. Makes no sense to me, frre food and tuition paid but he is getting married graduates this next sem. so that is what he chose.

There has been talk about the RB, McChesney. His cousin told me last night that he has quit football because he could not stay healthy. too bad. I thought he had speed and ability to be the starter. His older brother played safety and was also oft injured. as I recall.

Bronco had good defensive schemes in general. What he lacked was good talent evaluation and a good OC. KVN was left out of the mix too long as was J Dog Williams. Remember the debacle with Michael Alisa playing in front of Williams? There were numerous others that were gifted athletes but Bronco valued the underdog too much. He would put a really hard worker on the field and play them over a more talented player because of the perception that the unless talented worker was more of a team player OR just because they had more seniority in the program. Remember Ziggy! If we hadn’t had a. Injury at DE Ziggy wouldn’t have been a draft pick at all …… let alone top 5. Bronco had a lot of good traits but he had some fatal flaws that kept him from becoming elite.

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So your reply must be describing KVN, right? What a laugh!

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Completely agree. That is why it can be risky for a talented player to come to BYU. Sometimes no matter how much talent they have or how hard they work, they have to pay the price (whatever that is) before they see the field.

Division 1 football is not high school level drama… I have a hard time believing the talented players weren’t working hard enough.

Maybe. He messed up plenty but because of coach’s concern for him, he responded well. That’s well known and KVN talks about it all the time.

Ask any actual athlete, and they will tell you that not always is the best player starting. Like all human beings they play favorites. I had a friends son on the Offensive line about the same time and he told me that the O-line coach did not always put his best players on the line.

Now you can put on the perfect BYU Blue goggles and says that is all the players fault, which BTW is what you do most of the time.

The fact that KVN first game was so successful just shows just how bad a DC Jamie Hill really was and thus, Bronco dumped his butt.