Interesting take by BYU's Ben Bywater

Ben is opening up a old wound that many of us thought was happening last year:
BYU football: Cougars say Oregon loss, disinterest doomed 2022 season - Deseret News

I think a lot of the defense actually quit before the Oregon game, If what McKay say about the kid that transferred is true, a lot of people got tired of Tuiaki blaming them for his lack of coaching abilities.

Could that be the reason the Barrington boys split as well?

I do like what Jay Hill is bringing to the defense, I noticed in an interview Keldon Slovis mentioned that Hill’s defense is making him a better QB.

If anyone quit on the team. Then that is on the player, especially the team leaders. Robinson said it best:
Its on us at the end of the day.

Bywater says, we have all the pieces, which I agree with, and we lost our swagger in the ND game, it spiraled from there. Every year you have different personalities that end up team leaders. Some times you have a perfect storm where the team leader is not vocal enough or moody, whatever. The team takes on the personality of the coaches as well as the team leaders.

We got rid of Tuiaki (good riddance) and some poor player leadership. That should all be in the past
Hill is the real deal.

BYU is ready to roll. I am NOT one who thinks BYU is a bottom dweller in the Big 12, we will see.

We totally agree. Winners never quit. And quitters never win :innocent: