Interesting that many positions are open up for the team

I think this is a clear signal that some of the coaches were not pleased with the Wilson learning curve.

Nonsense…Just another example of the media controlling the way people think and react. Wilson is the front runner and the others are competing for 2nd string QB.

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You realize they are printing the exact words coach Roderick used in a media conference, right?

So how is that media spin…

Oh I should also say that the showed the video of Roderick saying it.

Floyd, don’t take the bait! Wilson is a decision making problem child. Tons of talent but can’t control himself. Romney should start but won’t because the coaches love Wilson. Eventually Wilson will get pulled after being the starter at the beginning of the season and losing a game
or 2 that he shouldn’t have. The bigger problem is the DC and his total lack of knowledge of how to structure a defense. We have to get a good pass rush and until we do that we won’t beat good teams.

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Floyd, don’t take the bait! Thawk is a socialist and doesn’t want you or I to think for ourselves. He will do that for you :slight_smile:

And others in the know say Wilson isnthe clear front runner with the others fighting it out for runner up. Roderick has to say that. Makes players be more competitive. Wilson will have to prove himself but clearly will. Hall will continue to hit grand slams in baseball as he did last week and eventually will zero in on baseball after his next concussion.

As you are often to say:
Where is your proof, email, articles, etc. to back up your claim that

At least I cited a source (Desnews and local media)…
I do not see a single citation to back up your comment.

I agree, I think the DC needs to go, not sure it will happened though.

This is why people dislike you Scott, you like to call people names when they disagree with your viewpoint. It is also a very telling sign about exactly who you are as a person.

feel sorry for you Scott,

BYU Sports Nation was saying it today…Makes sense…As a former coach (not a blind umpire) we always tell players they have to compete and win their position. Except in the pros if they are being paid $20 million a year.

HAHAHA!!! Thawk has been calling me names for years and you have said nothing. Tells a lot about you…

Sometimes you just stop feeling sorry for people who just keep bringing it on themselves

Losing kaufusi points to bigger problem with the DC. I’m going to make a prediction all this talk about changing the defense and being better at pass Rushing is nothing more than a smokescreen. Iliaki has to go

I’m glad you two aren’t the coaches. Just more evidence that you guys judge people without facts or knowledge of real issues. Maybe it’s a honor code thing again. Or something else. This is the problem with rich alumni that assume power and authority to control who coaches and who plays. I’m not saying that you two are. But you act like it.

I am 100% on board with your observation Fish!

Yes, Fish and I and Jim and all the others who are decently knowledgeable sports guys were so wrong about changing coaches in the bb program and not extending Roses contract … and getting rid of Emery … and getting better assistant coaches and making players accountable for defense and playing time …:: we were just so wrong. :smiley:

FYI we are also correct on getting rid of the DC!! Sitake will save his hide if he does it or take control of the defense himself. If I remember right, you predicted … with your zero knowledge sports comments that BYU would win their last 2 football games handily! Your list of predictions and excuses is so long that we just skip past most of your ramblings and attempts to bait people into arguments.

Couldn’t have worded it better

But the coaches still played Wilson against Toledo, San Diego State and Hawaii. If Wilson was hurt against SDSU or Hawaii the coaches should not have played him. Kelani should have not have gotten an extension until after the Bowl game.

thawk: Nice ramble on grasshopper. You are 100% right.