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Jaxson Dart enters the Transfer Portal… Then this article appears:
Former Corner Canyon, USC QB Jaxson Dart enters transfer portal. Could BYU be next? |

I know Kalani pushed hard to recruit him in high school, the kid does have mad skills. But I am not sure where he would fit in? What would that do to the chemistry with the other QB’s?

To be honest, I thought he was going to do this last summer with all the chaos called USC these days.

What thoughts do others have?

Also, for the first time in history: Utah (14th), BYU (19th) and USU (24th) was all ranked at the same time in the AP Poll.

I think they were generous to BYU for laying a egg like they did in the bowl game.

Aggies, Cougars and Utes finish season ranked in AP Top 25 for state’s first time |

Dart and Romney should both stay put. They know their current teams well. The grass is not always greener

Utah 10-4
BYU 10-3
BYU beat Utah head to head
BYU 19th and Utah 12th? What???

Utah is a P5, belong to the PAC12 do I need to say more?

Dart to W. Virginia, where his USC coach is headed to be the OC.

We beat 6 out of 7 P5’s including 5 in the PAC12. Do I dare say more to repute your statement of confusion?

Makes sense

It does not matter to voters, Utah is P5 and BYU is currently NOT a P5 (Although many schools consider us to be on the level of a P5).

You have to remember Scott the whole thing surrounding the current status of College Football is to protect the image of the P5 conference (and schools).

Why else can you explain how BYU who was in the Top 10, who lost to Boise State gets dropped down like 10 spots, while another P5 school who lost to even a worse team dropped only a few spots (Sorry can’t remember the schools name right now)?

No confusion at all, but it is what it is in college football right now, It is not fair, but then life really isn’t fair is it?

When BYU gets into the Big12, then I suspect that this type of crap will not be as bad as right now.

Well, I agree with you. But you actually contradicted your first post to me on why Utah was ranked higher. It’s okay. Long week so far.

They mentioned that the Oklahoma QB might be following his coach, which would make it even harder to fight for the starting spot when the original USC starter comes back from his injuries.

I think like most players today, he simply want more PT time. Can’t fault him for that.

BTW, have you heard anymore if Romney has changed his mind about playing on? On one of the sports TV programs they mentioned that again last night.

Actually I didn’t… I just spelled out better
Utah is P5 belongs to a P5 Conference(PAC12) the voters protect P5 conferences and schools.

Cincinnati 13–1 record 4th in the AP poll? they belong in the AAC G5 which was odd. I am a little confused where is the ranking coming from CFP committee?

BYU lost its bowl game to a team they should have easily beaten and limped home to the finish line to end the season. Utah finished much stronger beating Oregon twice in blowouts. That’s why they ended up ahead of us. They also nearly beat Ohio State. I think the pollsters put a lot of stock in how teams finished. I think BYU’s ranking was generous if you based it on how they finished but about right based on the totality of the body of their work for the season. I don’t really care too much about the ranking. I think it was good and they beat both Utah and Utah St. and six power 5 teams total. It was a good year. Losing the bowl game put a little stink on it but still a real good year.

Yep. Had we won there would have been reason to rank BYU above Utard. I mean Utah :wink:

For me, a lasting stink.

Utah would of wiped the floor with BYU if We played them at the end of the year. That QB changed their entire trajectory., Aro says it better

Agreed 100% with Aro and Fish. To say BYU staggered to the finish line would be putting it mildly. BYU regressed BIG TIME through the season. No excuses except the team got consistently worse. BYU peaked at 5-0 with a high quality win over USU but then finished 4-3 bs D1 teams, and won UGLY. The coaching got softer and more complacent? And Kalani pitched the same tired sound bites every week about how it was his responsibility to “learn from our mistakes.” LOL. That 4-3 finish included just nightmarish games vs BSU and a truly truly awful SC, struggling to beat minor league team So Georgia, getting totally dominated by Baylor, and getting just pushed all over the field by bush league UAB. Common theme: BYU could simply not stop anyone. It got worse as the season progressed and the BYU COACHES STUBBORNLY dug in, willing to die on the hill instead of making any adjustments. BYU coaches failed to recognize the TRUE EXCELLENCE of the offense this year as they actually game planned to conceded snaps and TOP to their opponents and keep an epic BYU offense on the sidelines. It was also just terrible to watch as a fan.

Being ranked #19 is a gift. Utah and USU would both have drilled BYU at the end of the year. Utah’s ranking was also a bit fortuitous in that Ohio State rolled out their JV team and still beat Utah, and both wins over Oregon get an asterisk because the Ducks already knew their beloved coach was quitting and you could tell the Ducks absolutely mailed it in down the stretch.

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