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After reading this article, it reminded me of a time that Jim Hawks question the judgement of the coaching staff when Van Noy was a freshman. “Clearly this guy has what it takes to be a starter” was the general jist of what Jim said.

Have to admit, when I see Baylor playing QB, have fluid he is in his throws and how accurate he is with the throws he makes, has me wondering the same type of thoughts Jim had.

If compare Baylor to that of Hall, who it seems a bit forced when Hall is throwing, Hall is often off target (under/over thrown), but has the ability to scramble which seems to be the thing these days.

Not sure what the answer is or even if there is a good answer why Baylor should not be the starter
Glad I am not the HC making these decisions!

It seems like the coaches have a good problem to have. Either one of those guys can win but each has different strengths. It sounds like the decision on the starter wasn’t made until about a week before the opening game and who can really argue with it since the first 3 games were wins over power 5 teams.

I have always liked QBs who could run because they can turn a potential loss of yardage into a big gain.

Yet in his last game he was on target with the deep passes. However, when they need to be thrown to the outside shoulder, he’s off. I’ve mentioned that. Romney is better but nothing like Wilson.

The reality is that the way the game is trending a team is better off with a versatile QB. Just like Aro (one of the more intelligent posters here) said, QB’s who can run are a big asset because they can manufacture stuff and run for big plays when something breaks down or even a designed play. Taysom plays a huge role for the Saints because of this very thing but he is kind of a unique player. Look at all the top NFL QB’s right now, Murray, Mahomes, Hurts, Allen, Jackson and even Russell Wilson in his old age (32). Sheesh, Lamar Jackson is literally carrying the Ravens on his back right now.

Anyhow, I am not one to brag (but here we go) so I won’t get into it too much but blame it on Floyd. I know talent when I see it and there are several former Cougars in the NFL now that I was calling for more carries or more experience or deserved to be starting, etc. over the years. Like I said, not bragging, just stating facts. Some that I can think of are Jamal Williams, Kyle Van Noy, Sione Taki Taki and others. Okay enough, I will stop now.

(As you get a pulled muscle patting yourself on the back) :joy:

Hall has the weapons to be an NFL QB
Russell Wilson - Wikipedia

Romney is Cool Hand Luke. Smooth, fearless and efficient. He could run if he wanted to but why when you can throw such a pretty ball.

Waaaaaaay too fragile for the NFL. Heck, he can’t even go more than a couple of games in college without sitting several games-to-a-season after injuries.

If he could stay healthy, it would be a different story. Except, his passing ability is akin to Taysom Hill. :slight_smile: Both can complete some passes downfield, but not consistently. Both are prized primarily for running ability, but if you’re fragile, the running ability is practically nil.

This is my opinion. I never saw any games But I do listen to the game. I do believe everybody what they say about Jaron Hall which he does fantastic running but I was frustrated when he goes three and out during those first three games.

I like Baylor Romney the best because he does fantastic throwing the ball beautifully. Why run When Baylor can hit 80% of his passes and hardly ever thrown any Int. And he doesn’t need to run and take a chance of losing him to injury and possible third and fourth string quarterback. Well I am sure Jaron Hall will be back either tomorrow or next week. Jaron we will have to give the ball to Tyler a lot because he won’t be able to so much because of his injury and he better be careful making sure he doesn’t get hit. Anyway Jaron needs to be careful

Romney got his concussion while passing the ball. It happens as much when hit passing as it is with running.

Yes I know blah blah blah blah

Several years ago Riley Nelson said all his injuries occurred when he was passing. None when he was running. Running QBs increase their exposure to injuries because if they run 8-10 times a game as opposed to 2-3 that’s several more times they might get hit. The only time they are safe is when they are handing the ball off. I suspect a team that relies heavily on a few RBs and doesn’t throw much, and doesn’t use the QB much on running plays will have fewer injuries to the QB.

I think when a QB has hit arm cocked to throw and gets hit he is even more vulnerable to injury than when running the ball. Just my opinion.

I would agree. Do they teach them to tuck their chins when going down? I suggest all QB’s and receivers take Judo.

Russell Wilson of the Seahawks is out for 2 months after wrecking his finger on a throw follow thru hit from a Rams lineman. You are correct as usual.