Interesting view from Jernaro Gilford

This articles talks about how Gilford has focused on getting better defensive backs that are taller (gezz Jim and Chris, not sure where I heard that before) and faster.

It also talks about getting players who may not know of the LDS faith and how they can fit into BYU.

I thought it was interesting enough to share with those that live outside of Utah.

BYU football: Jernaro Gilford succeeding as Cougars’ cornerbacks coach - Deseret News

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So those four players are not LDS? I sure hope they follow BYU honor code which we shall see.
If they are verry talented DB players Will DC coach Tuiaki going to do away with 3–8 scheme all game long throughout the season?

There is a picture of the 5 starting players on the Basketball team with none being LDS. 2 Muslims too. What those players wanted was a place where they could live their faith without the liberal left attacks.

Have you ever seen these two players saying this publicly? If so, Where?

Both players said they came to BYU because they wanted to coached by Pope. Hoping he could help them move to the next level.

I don’t think this will be a problem like it was under Crowton. First, Kalani focuses on people who he feel will live the HC. Second, he is very up front with them of what that entails with their parents. Third, Gilford knows how hard this can be and helps these players with fitting into the lifestyle of BYU.

I think we will be okay. Nice to see the McKenzie boys coming… Those boys don’t “run”, they “fly”!

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Lesson of the Super Bowl seems familiar. Get a great set of 4 pass rushers with an offense that can throw the ball well. Just need an average running back but great TE’s and WR’s.

That worked for Tampa and New England as well. You can never win big games without a very good pass rush.

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I thought Defensive lineman were used for knitting sweaters for the poor? Who knew that you need to be aggressive on Defense to win games?

Sorry, just had to “poke the bear” LOL

Yes! BYUSN. Deep Blue. Interviews… Good grief!

Show me links… I looked through the entire Deep blue videos and not one of them are for the current recruited players.

So please provide any links to verify your baseless claim that these recruits came to BYU so they could live their faith without the liberal left attacks.

Go look. Listen and learn. I’m not doing your work for you.

So in other words, you don’t have any proof of what you said… got it!

BTW, I looked on deep blue and shows were on these players being recruited.

Did you watch the shows with Fousse and Atiki?

Haha, why did they go to BYU then?

BYU is a lot different than it was 35 years ago and I don’t know if that is a good thing. BYU Idaho is a better place, heard that from lots of people.

how is this related to what you said about current football recruits?

Because it’s relating to why players of other faiths will come here. You’ve already forgotten the reason for the post. LOL!

In 1979, just before Russia invaded Afghanistan, I ran into a foreign exchange student from SP High School in 1971. The year I graduated. He was riding his bike south by the JS building and I was riding my bike north and we passed each other. I stopped and shouted out to him and he stopped. Crazy. In 1971, I was a Jew and he a Muslim. There we both are at BYU. I converted but he had not. Small world. He was there because he wanted to be at a religious school that he could still follow his beliefs. BYU was his choice.
I didn’t see him after that. He was from Afghanistan and from others they said he went back and got family out and settled in Kansas.

Great story!

After he graduated he had to go back to Afghanistan for a couple of years. Those were the rules. Crazy to think I’d bump into him 8 years later at BYU. I bumped into a few from SP in 1977 up there. But that was expected although one girl was not a member either. She was Catholic. But I knew she was coming up.