IS BYU better this year then last?

I want to know your thoughts and why?

Than last year. Without Baxter, maybe. Toolsen wasn’t what I expected as if this point. Hesitant at this point. With Childs and what I saw from Lee with Childs against Tx, we could be a much improved team. Barchello is very good. Haws will get his game back. The others will fill in nicely. No reason we can’t be a much improved team.

This year vs last 8 or 9 years after Jimmer days? No more Favorites and more Defense. Today everbody are playing.

Better defensively-more team cohesion- better guard play. Looking at the schedule, a key game early, will be SSU, without Childs. They are going to lose some games this year and the WCC will probably only get two slots-so it might come down to the tourney. Interesting-from what I saw-every WCC team won their first game, though most were easy opponents-but still…

The WCC is being touted the 5th or 6 best conference out there this year. Mainly on GU and SMC. BYU is flying completely under the radar and it is a team that scares anyone that has to play them. Tons of seniors-would you want to play them?

Ain’t that the truth…Pope will hone down to 7 or 8 guys but with childs, this team is deep. The key will be road games and how they play in Hawaii. I see a 3 team invite out of the WCC.

I’d wouldn’t mind playing them at home and in the first 9 games😉. Looking forward to Saturday-tournament team- and BSU will be a good marker on the road a few games later-UCLA and whoever afterwards will be tough without Child’s-tough even with Child’s. Anyway-I love Pope no matter what-he is constantly coaching up his players-no matter who they are and Toolson will be fine and a major add to this team!

I can’t until next yeart and Haws is gone. Too many bad passes and just a poor player. WYCOWBOY

Interesting topic. Last year I, and many others, thought Baxter needed 20 mpg out of the gate, experience be darned. Kentucky rolls out their best athletes, mistakes be darned, and by the time they have played 10-15 games, they are seasoned pros. Rose would often sit better athletes (where are you, PD??) for more “experienced” guys. Well, that has been a disaster for several years now. We hit rock bottom last year when Rose completely, totally blew it when he wasted one of our two best athletes for half the season. BYU almost NEVER gets athletes like Baxter–6’9" guys who play WWAAAAAAAAAYYY over the rim and can also shoot threes? Yeah, right, let’s sit him for a 6’9" guy who plays UNDER the rim and can’t shoot at all. Yes, sadly we cannot forget that Rose sat him while starting Worthington. Even typing that brings back bad memories :frowning: One of the worst personnel decisions I’ve ever seen. So I would have said our team would have been MUCH better this year with Baxter starting out of the gate, plus Barcello and Toolson, both of whom are VERY good. Without Baxter, I still think we can be better, only because Barcello and Toolson are legitimate upgrades, but I don’t see how we can beat good teams consistently with basically nothing up front except for Childs. So maybe around 20-10 again? That said, I think Pope is the right man for the job and will be at BYU for many, many years and take us to many, MANY NCAA tournaments!!!

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How can we get pass this Gonzaga and SMC? GU is the “Darling” in this league, go ask Jim Hawks which he always say that. Yes, would love to see BYU in the ncaa tournament many years to come.

By recruiting and he will be able to recruit well at BYU. We have some very good bigs that have to sit this year. With Baxter next year and solid guards, I like this year with Childs back and even better next year!

Taduh, So I am not the only one invoking the Payton Dastrup vs Rose’s favoritism. Dayton would be here today and BYU would have won this game easily. So very glad to see Pope coaching in BYU blue.

I am a little worried about how white this team is at the moment.

Is it any less black than last year? Yolie and the new kid are black. Or, are you suggesting something about the coach?