Is Eskupa (sic) hurt?

I didn’t watch the game, but I have scrutinized the box score. Why did the Rice transfer only have six yards on two carries? I’m thrilled that the other running backs picked up the slack (in spades — we had a lot of yards by committee).

Messed up his toe or foot. He has not been consistent either this year.

Eskupa coughed up the ball on the 6 yard line on our second drive costing a score, that really riled up Sitake. Eskupa is more of a power runner, not very fast. Both Katoa and Finau have passed him up. Finau had landed the #1 running back slot but Katoa’s big game game begs for more touches.

Eskupa fumbled at about the 3 yard line with his back turned from the goal line and with only one hand on the ball. Didn’t look like a power back. Hopefully he has been working hard in practice because we do need a third back in case of injury.