Is Haarms leaving?

Did anyone catch BYU Sports Nation today and the mention of a tweet from Haarms that he’s weighing his options again? Sounds like Pope put something out there that has changed Haarms mind a bit?

I think he needs another year at the college level to get stronger, develop better balance (center of gravity) and better moves and decisions in the post. Also, get better from distance shooting.

Yeh I heard that too and another year might do him good, but he might not be able to get bigger-but he can certainly get better on offense and defense if he is serious about playing professionally anywhere

With his size and skill set if he can’t make it in the NBA he will make money in Europe. Another year with Pope and Burgess would certainly enhance his NBA prospects.

If Pope could entice Barcello and Haarms to return and get Saunders from Cinncinnati they could be dynamite and wouldn’t miss Averette.

Yes I agree, but right now there are a lot of if’s. So when we find out it will be clearer. With a completely new group outside of Lohner and George it will take some time to jell at close to 100%. I would hazard a guess that Barcello is pretty key

They would, add Lohner and George with a mix of Knell and you can compete.
I have not heard much from Saunders after that initial burst. News?

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Saunders stayed with Cincy.