Is it true that ND paid us off not to play us?

Did Notre Dame pay us off so that they do not have to play us again? Was it a million or two or more that they paid?
Do we understand why they did this?

They owe us like two or three games in Provo, and don’t want to come to Provo to play. I hadn’t heard that we had exercised the penalty clause in the contract, but I’ve wanted them to. If they breach the contract, then they should owe us a couple of million. We play over in South Bend all the time to get that one game here, and then they want out of it. Sock it to them!

I think in the past, we haven’t wanted to alienate them, but I figure who cares if the deal never benefits us? Personally, I would prefer home and away arrangements, rather than these 2-for-1 deals we usually get (like with Wisconsin). But a lot of big teams won’t schedule with us on a 1-to-1 basis.

When they played BYU about 30 years ago, I remember standing near their locker room as they came out for the game and trying to intimidate them by telling them they were going to lose the game, they were ugly, etc.

I hope that didn’t have any effect on them not wanting to play in Provo…



I think that you are referring to that game in South Bend in 1992, when ND beat us 42-16. That was 25 years ago and the first time we ever played football vs. ND. (Since they won that game, and also since they have played us 5 other times since that game, I don’t think that would be the reason for not wanting to play us now. I do think that you make a good point about opening one’s mouth when it would serve everyone better to keep it closed.

The following year, in 1993, they played us again, but this time the game was at home in Provo. The outcome was about the same as they beat us again, 45-20.

It was in 1993 that BYU got it’s revenge beating ND at their own home in South Bend, 21-14.

We didn’t pay ND again until 1994 in South Bend when ND beat us 21-14

In 2003, again in South Bend, ND beat us 33-14.

I think that it was 2004, (13 years ago), that may have been the real underlying cause for ND not to want to play in Provo vs. BYU again. Both the coach’s from BYU and from ND got fired. Both teams finished with a loosing season. BYU won that game 20-17. That was to have been one of ND’s give me games, but instead, it ended in a disaster for ND. ND has never been as good since that time when they came to us before the game, ranked #17 in the Nation, but after the game dropped out of the polls.

We have played ND only one time since that time. The game was played in South Bend where the Irish beat the our Cougars 49-23, but then again, that was in South Bend and not in Provo. I don’t thing the Irish want to take any un-necessay chances playing the Cougars again in Provo.

The most likely publized reason for ND not wanting to play us again are two fold: 1. Since ND announced it’s new partnersbhip with the ACC, they just don’t have enough empty slots left on their schedule to accomadate us. 2. They have aspirations of reaching another National Championship and to do so, they must improve their SOS. It didn’t help us much that we finished our season being the lowest ranked BYU team in over 60 years.

All valid reasons for not wanting to play BYU. If we are a really bad team, like last year, they get nothing from the game from a SOS standpoint. If we are decent they stand the chance of losing to us which kills them in the polls. Only if we are a really good, highly ranked team will it benefit ND to play the Y! We haven’t been that team in a long time and we are infrequently that good of a team to warrant the chance for ND! Ask for our money from them in a low profile way and move on!


I agree with you on all points of your post. “Ask for our money from them in a (low profile) way and move on "
I might possible add one more claus: " If they change their minds within the next five years, we will give them
their money back if they come to play us in Provo as previously scheduled.”


I heard that it was a done deal. I heard that BYU got paid off about two weeks ago. I can not find any varification. I was in hopes that someone posting on this site would have some information that they would share with us.

Reasons given for the pay off includes the recent contract with the ACC which allows less slots for other teams.
The available slots need to go to high profile teams. They would like another shot at the Nation Championship. Our last 2017 did not help our cause any.

I have no varification of anything printed above. Please let me know what varification if any, that you might have.


I take a litte different approach. I think, “Never burn your bridges” we may need they to cross over again in the future.

Because of the circumstances, ND recently (few years ago) entered a contract with the Football ACC, they do not have as many free slots to choose which teams they play.

They want to have a chance for another National Championship. In order to get another chance, they must have a stronger SOS.

Our 2017 season, went against us. We can not blame ND for the way we played in 2017.

I would quitely thank them for the pay off and let them know that we appreciate the situation they are in, and that possibly, we may someday be in the same position. I would go a step further and say "if we improve or rankings and you decide to come back to Provo as originally schedulled, we would gladly refund all the money paid to us by ND for the cancellation. Keep everything on good positive terms.