Is Taysom Hill really good for the BYU football Team?

Think about this, Hill is probably the best athlete on the team. but does he think he is to good? does he try to win all by himself? does he have confidence in the players around him or does is just try and do it by himself? No quarterbacks in camp because everyone knows he is the only one going to play, (until he gets hurt again) what do you all think.

You could ask the same about Steve Young when he ran all over the place. Of course he is good for the team. We were winning all our games until his injury last season. And, no. He does not try to win all by himself. But, receivers have to get open before he’s going to throw to them. And, Jamaal has to be healthy so we have a legitimate running game. Also, Anae has to be willing to look at tight ends more and screens out of the backfield too.

There will be QB’s in the summer and fall. Pretty good back ups too. Not worried this year.


Why do this now? What are you trying to do? Can’t you just be happy that we have this good, if not great, quarter back without suggesting bad things about him and try to sew seeds of doubt among fans about him?

If the kid screws up, I will be among the first to complain. If the coaches screw up, I will be among the first to complain.

I will do this because I want our Cougar Football team to be all that they are capable of being, and I will want immediate corrections to be made in order for our team to flourish.

I don’t understand your attitude to spreading seeds of doubt when we should all be happy about the possibility of a good season with a great schedule. Wait until our first loss vs a team that we are expected to win.

I totally agree with you on all counts with this post of yours regarding Steve Young and etc.

I think if he doesn’t change his playing style it’s going to be very difficult for him to stay healthy again this year. The lack of capable QB’s on the roster this year should cost Bronco his job, but since the administration doesn’t believe we are a big time program (P5) there will be no consequences to this as apparently we already have crowned his replacement as a missionary who has yet to take a snap in 2 years and prior to his mission those snaps were limited in practice.

Did you listen to Christen Stewart talking about the receivers (Mathews) stated he thought he could be one of the best receivers BYU has ever had IF Hill will throw the ball to him.

Yes, would have been better to have a current roster QB say the same thing while getting teps with him. Hopefully they get Mathews pants this year, feel bad he has to play in shorts last year.


I did not hear Christen Steward talking about our #10 WR Mitch Mathews 6’6” 215 lbs Senior from Beaverton, Oregon, that stared at Southridge High School. I would like to hear it, if you have the link.

I also have not seen, in comparison to Mitch, how well,

Tony Armstrong, Devon Blackmon, DJ Doman, Trey Dye, (son of James Dye), Travis Fre, Kurt Henderson, Terenn Houk, Mitchell Juergens, Jared Kapsi, David Kessler, Elliot Knox, Nick Kurtz, Colby Pearson, Zachary Saunders, Rickey Sumway, Cody Stewart, Josh Weeks, and Jake Ziolkowski can do at catching and running after the catch, in comparison to Mitch.

I have not seen the amount of drops compared to the amount of catches of each of these kids.
I have not seen the distance the ball as been carried after the catch of each of these kids.
I have not seen the amount of dropped passes that should have been caught or how much effort there has been in trying to catch the uncatchable ball comparing each of these kids.

Steven, the names above are all of our wide receivers. It does not even include any of our 6 tight ends or 11 running backs. The competition is keen. Yes, Mitch is a senior and he should be given more opportunity.

I don’t always agree with the decisions of our coaches. i often criticize them when I think something stupid is going on like playing a 2-3 star QB with a broken back while a 4 star QB sits on the bench unused.

I often criticize our coaches for going on family outings during a bye week instead of getting the team ready for the next big game that we are favored to win but lose instead due to lack of preparation.

I think that no matter how great Mitchell really is, with all the competition, I would need to see, in practice, how he compares to those that get more chances than he gets before I can scream fowl play at the coaches or at the QB.

I hope that Mitch Mathews gets to prove himself early in the season, as this is his last season with us at the Y. I do wish him well. I will be looking forward to seeing him in action.

like I’ve said once or twice before,

Taysom Hill is a running back who still can’t throw accurately. what the #!#$!?

playing Hill raw off his mission instead of seasoned 4 star passing qb’s like Jason Munns, and James Lark, and Ammon Olsen had to be the biggest blunder in byu’s Bronconian coaching history.

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Mr. Hampton you and Ron beat to a pulp and death the same messages over and over and over and over. But I will say I have enjoyed your style of writing on occasion, particularly today’s effort.

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Blah, blah, blah…Hill is going to be fantastic this year!!!

Hampton is one of the more clever posters on this board. I enjoy his comments for a variety of reasons.

There is always some legitimacy to what he says and he has a humorous way of saying it.

Go Hampton!


I respectfully disagree. Hill has earned his starting role.

I loved Jason Munns and James Lark and fill bad that their talents were wasted on the bench.

There have been many times in the past seasons, that I would have agreed vs the other QB’s that
kept JM and JL on the bench when indeed, they were at the time, the better QB in my opinion.

Hill is the right man for the job now and he has earned it.

Taysom’s passing improves every year. It improved the most last year probably but I’m sure he will be a better passer than he was last year, which was pretty good if you remember those early games when the offensive line allowed him to stay in the pocket. Remember the wheel route to Williams coming out of the backfield? (Utah State game?) Perfect touch pass. I predict he’ll throw the deep ball much more and he’ll have way more passing yards than running yards this year.

I think the wheel route was in the Texas game. In the Utah State game he opened the game with a beautiful bomb to Jordan Leslie that was around 50 yards, assuming I remember correctly.

During the spring scrimmage, Hill was running the Skelleys and his deep ball was looking great. He had a beautiful TD pass (also around 50 yards) to an open Devon Blackmon. I was impressed with the improvement I saw from him during the Skelleys, I’m just hoping it shows during the season.

Yes, Taysom is that good.
Yes, as long as he is healthy, he is the only QB that will play.
Yes, he is our only chance in 2015 to give us a proud season (8-4 ) or better.
Yes he is confident and deservingly so.

Do we need other QB’s to be well coached and ready in 2015 with our Senior QB leading the pack

Taysom has a history of getting injured. I don’t see him changing the style of play that made him a contender, dark horse, for the Heisman.

Are we lucky to have him. Yes, yes, and yes.

C_ Hamp,

You are describing Steve Young before he became a great passer.
yes the same greatness can be seen in Taysom Hill.

Problem is Taysom isn’t, a great passer yet, even with 3 years of development and coaching, and there aren’t any guarantees he ever will be. If you are planning on Taysom ‘red carpet’ Hill becoming Steve freaking Young, it might be a looong season for you.

Taysom can run, sure, and i lije his moxy, but a lot more goes into being a great qb than athletic ability alone. His passing prowess is nowhere near what Munns or Olsen could have brought to this team. Basically, Taysom is just a bigger, faster version of Riley ‘noodle’ Nelson.

This ridiculous running qb garbage has got to cease for byu to be byu again.

I think the running ability more than makes up for his lack of passing ability and he’s learning to keep his eyes down field and use his legs to get away from rushers much better than he has in the past. He needs a better line than last year for sure. I do take your point though, and I hope they don’t run him too much. If they do, they better have the backup ready to play. Last year their didn’t seem to be any plan B.

Nothing makes me question the ability of our coaches to recognize and develop talent more than seeing Jake Heaps on a nfl roster.

Say what you will about Jake, it seems painfully obvious that the coaching staff totally whiffed on that one.