Is this intramural football?

This is the weirdest game yet

Our offense, particularly passing, looks horrible. Hill has taken a step backwards from the pass few games. Two pick 6’s are exciting though. :slight_smile:

He’s getting no time. Give him a break.

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Hill has had all the breaks he can get. He shouldn’t even be starting. Maybe BYU ought to put our defensive team in on offense and put Mangum at QB. Like the ESPN guy said, this is a Halloween game.

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Wacky game? Yeah, weird game. Johny Rugby fake punt in the end zone - You kidding me Coach Kalani?

It’s time for the excuse making to end. You are the one that asked if it is “intramural football” and the answer is yes. Hill would make an awesome intramural qb. He just can’t run an offense… every play is a breakdown with Hill scrambling around and making a poor throw or trying to run. It gets old…

Well, they almost pulled it out. Even with time, Taysom had a bad passing effort.

That has a familiar ring to it.

I’m feeling the all too familiar post-game frustration. I don’t think that’s ever going to change with the inconsistent play. I’m also losing my faith in the Hill-Detmer combo.

I can’t even begin to address the fake punt from the end zone :confused:

O line D- (insert your favorite tired excuse here.
Receivers D- couldn’t catch a pass with a 10 foot net (insert your favorite tired excuse here)…
Passing QB D- may have a strong arm but no touch on the ball (insert your favorite tired excuse(s) here).
These are things we know, not just tonight but all season long. Also, Sitake and staff are in the middle of their honeymoon year so all is forgiven.
What we don’t know, what Tanner could or could not do with the offense. And he burned a redshirt year for this kind of effort. by the coaches and team. Oh well, Tanner will play next year and then try to move on to the NFL and 2018 will be another new untried QB.

Oh well. I am sure there are plenty of excuses to cover it all up. Proceed.

How about this: Our D forced 11 TOs vs Utah and BSU, plus a blocked FG and a missed FG, and on those 13 turnovers–many deep in the opponents’ territory–Taysom managed a super awesome two TDs.

Whatever Detmer promised Hill, I hope it was worth it, because whatever Hill gained cost the team an entire season.

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How many great schedules have we had now that we have made a fool of ourselves. We are a run of the mill G5 team and have been for a long time. Another 7 and 5 or 8 and 4 season - how many now? For BYU to play like an upper tier P5 team, the fans are running out of hope.

we have a passing game? news to me… :open_mouth:

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Scott, While I agree with you that he is not getting time from his line to throw the ball, I also noticed that when he throws the short pass over the middle or to the flats, he throws so hard the receivers can not catch. He still has not learn how to throw touch passes…

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Jim, you have to admit that the O-line really sucks this year… they lost three of their starters from last year (1- academics 2- injuries).

So I don’t put all of Hill issues solely on him, but at the same time, I think you also correct that the coaches are making the same mistakes game after game (ah… let see if we can run it up the middle this time… Nope… failed yet again).

Not sure who design the game plan for the offense… but the offense makes me want to take a snooze while they are on the field.

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Tanner will play 2 years. And, if the receivers were D- hard to give Hill D-. There’s a reason for that.
Should have passed one more with 15 seconds

It was designed with Jamaal running. He came up lame and Canada is no Williams. The holes were there. Hill would have broken a few long ones. Without that threat, Hill won’t have time to throw. Yet, he did.

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I don’t know how much time Demter had to devise a game plan. I think he was planning on Jamaal playing until he tweaked his ankle again during warm-ups. This would have been a different game with a healthy Jamaal playing and we would all be happy that we beat BSU. I’m not trying to make excuses for the poor passing attack and decision making of Hill but we wouldn’t even be having this discussion had Jamaal been healthy and BYU just pounded the ball on BSU. The two drives that were the killers were the one just before half-time and the one at the end of the game. All things considered, BSU was the best team yesterday so maybe it was only justice that they won, in spite of the turnovers. A win for BSU means they are the front-runner for a New Years bowl game as representatives of the Group of 5.

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That’s a real small man comment. There is no promise or guarantee than Magnum would do better with slower feet.
8 points are the difference between where we are and 8-0. I believe it’s calls like fake punts at the 3 yard line and going for 2 instead if a tie and overtime.

you do realize that Tanner is the one that scrambled and hit Jurgensen last year to beat Boise State right?

I hear Tanner can not scramble, but go back and look… both time he threw the game ending TD (Nebraska and Boise State) he was scrambling, looking downfield…

So not sure what you are talking about Tanner “slower feet” outside of what some posters and media likes has said that.

Tanner is a far better QB than Hill, he proved it last year…

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