Isaiah Herron enters transfer portal

First black athlete wants to go to a black college. Is this the start of something? I’ve said it and will continue to say BLM is a radical segregationist organization like the Nation of Islam. Sad…

Sorry to lose Isaiah. Wish him all the best at his new school. Tough to lose a starting corner but we’ll get through.

He is staying…

Pretty good article, Herron says it was never about not liking being at BYU (In fact he loves it here), it was about his desire to see if he could help with the racial unrest.

I was impressed with his maturity… Coming from Atlanta, I know he knows some of the issues that face blacks.

Interesting. Getting involved with the organization BLM is trouble and won’t help the cause he’s interested in. Staying around and integrating is a much better solution. It works around here and in the suburbs. Interaction with people of different colors is a better solution. It’s how our little town became much more color blind.

As for the large cities, there is only two solutions. One, everyone join the Church. Two, break the hold of Democrats running those cities for the past 70 years into the welfare fatherless state. There’s only one opposition party to the Marxist Democrats in power, the Republican Party. Are the Republicans perfect? No. But, they aren’t Marxists either.

I do not see any reference in this article about Herron getting involved in BLM… He did say "I realized I can have an impact in this state by opening eyes here and help other African Americans in Utah because of the small amount of diversity that’s here. I’m looking forward to using my opportunities here to make a positive impact,”

What is wrong with him trying to help African American feel more comfortable in a hugh white majority enviorment?

You conveniently forget his original statements and plans. What this says is someone explained the difference between BLM the organization and all lives matter. I’m not really sure what he thinks about white people. When the President Kimball revealed his revelation I saw no one at BYU unhappy at all. 95% of the Church pulled including temple workers were thrilled and happy around the world.
I saw the interview Yolie Childs gave and he observed people would notice him and he thought it was because he was black. But, I remember walking around and saw Keith Rice coming towards me in 1978 and I looked at him and reached my hand out and said I It was a pleasure to see you play basketball. Thank you. And he said that he appreciated me saying so. That was before the revelation. I saw Danny Ainge trying to study in a corner of the Smith Fieldhouse by himself. I took a second look and he is white. I do know Childs said his brother was stopped by the police at gun point for 40 minutes for nothing. So, there are some that are bigots and racists. The best way is to be a good citizen and not make a big deal out of the color of your skin. I’m in a heavily Hispanic town and I just go about my business smiling, talking with everyone. There is no systemic racism. That’s a political talking point of Democrats. There are racists and bigots. There always will be. Only education and good experiences with other people can help change the hearts of people. The Gospel can do that too. As long as it’s taught correctly.