Isn't it ironic

Isn’t it ironic that before the Arizona game, most people were chalking up a loss, with the more optimistic fans hoping it would be close. Now that we have the win, some are bashing the Arizona squad as being less than good, somehow tempering the BYU WIN. Well I’m not really sure how the end of the season will turn out, but this was a great win for BYU and I wouldn’t be surprised if Arizona wasnt in the mix for the South number one by season end. No this was an impressive win and the key was the OL and zero TO’S and also a scrappy defense that was overmatched in the team speed. So kudos to the Cougars for a week anyway and don’t be shocked if they aren’t 2-0 after this weekend. They may not be the Badgers yet or even the Utes, but on the way up

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Arizona’s O and D line are bad. We knew that going in. Besides that, Sumlin has for some reason decided to make his running QB into something he’s not. I’m happy we won but I’m not impressed. I think it’s too early. Other than I will say it’s nice to have a competent offensive coordinator. I don’t know if he’ll work out in the long run but so far so good.

Successful or not we likely have Grimes for 2-3 seasons. I think BYU D made Tate a passer - most of his runs were designed run/pass options and the D was sound and he threw.

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For the most part I agree with you. You really don’t know how good or bad teams are until after about the fourth game. I am very pleased with the win but we really don’t know anything yet. It is always good to beat a P5 team but in the past my expectation was that BYU should nearly always beat the lower level p5 teams and win about 50/50 against the mid level p5 teams. According to ESPN California has a 70% chance of beating us, however, I don’t think ESPN knows much at this point either. It is too early in the season.

I was also a bit baffled that Arizona didn’t call more running plays for Tate. I know the zone read really isn’t Sumlin’s style but sometimes your game plan needs to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of your team. When you have a fast talented QB who is a dynamic runner and an inexperienced O-line you call plays that play to the strength of your QB and don’t expose the weakness of your o-line so much. I think Tate has a very good arm and a nice throwing motion. I think he can flourish in the type of offence Sumlin runs but it will take a little adjusting. Rodriguez offense was a zone read option offense. Sumlin should still utilize the running ability more within the context of his system.

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I think if they had TO’s, Grimes would have made them do “up/Downs” after the game on the field to help them realize just how important ball control is. :open_mouth:

Grimes certainly had a different demeanor on the sidelines than we have seen in recent years. He appears to be very intense, very focused, no nonsense, and almost intimidating. I was impressed. I doubt BYU will have him very long, unfortunately. I hope he is there at least 2-3 years. Let’s hope he establishes a template for future coordinators to follow that plays to BYU’s strengths. One of the announcers said BYU can recruit big strong lineman and it appears Grimes wants to take advantage of what could be a strength and not focus on things BYU doesn’t have the athletes to do.

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Grimes certainly changed the atmosphere of the FB team from year to year. Looks like he made $550k at LSU. If he had stayed there for another 2 yrs he would be at 585k a yr. Looks to me that he got 600k from BYU and a new title. If he turns things around at BYU he will be a head coach target. He has a lot to gain or lose by winning or not at BYU. I like his attitude and the way Tanner responded to him … Tanner looked good but not perfect.

Unless he turns BYU into a top 10 team year in and year out, I think Grimes could be here for 4-6 years.

This should be lesson for BYU administration and AD office of what happens when you hire good experienced coaches and not just past hero’s who have no experience.

One thing I noted in both Spring and Fall camps is how Grimes made the Offense do up/downs after practice for making mistakes. That in itself told the players “You are accountable”.

could not have said it any better. Az will be winning games in the P 12. They had suspensions at key positions for the Y game. Sumlin is too good a coach not to figure things out. They just were not prepared for a “Sound” BYU game plan.

Grimes changed things here…from the Oline to play calling. And when we beat Cal (yes, I have looked at the 3 Qbs and do not fear their throwing) folks will be throwing terms around such as undefeated etc. but then we run into a sound Wisc, Wash and BSU teams with great QB play and we will be crashing back to earth. Mark it, BYU will struggle with any sound team that has a veteran QB, who can pick us apart. Grimes will be gone as soon as a P 5 HC offer comes and that will be sooner then later. The best we do is get coaches that mimic Grimes coaching.

By the way, sure glad we are having this conversation with BYU’s contract coming up with ESPN. $$cha-ching.
Enjoy the ride.

Yes it is likely BYU will lose those three games, but as long as they compete and don’t lie down, I’m good with that, because this team will continue to get better, offensively and defensively. Happiness at this point is a winning season and a bowl berth with optimism going forward to next year. And yes, Grimes will get a HC chance, hopefully at BYU. LASTLY-where is Ron U?

Interesting how some say Arizona will still compete for the PAC-12 Southern division after one game and loss. But no one seems to think BYU will improve in areas like pass defense. I’m not saying we will beat Washington, Wisconsin or others that are supposed to be good. But. Why is it okay to make excuses for Arizona but not say BYU played very well against a really good Arizona team? Perhapse we are much better than people think :thinking:

After last year I can see the reasoning, but I still think BYU is vastly improved and will compete, even against Wisconsin